"A Call To Arms"

Joe JonesCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

Ok, now that the Brodie Croyle project is over, and Damon Huard is all but done, that leaves Tyler Thigpen.

The Chiefs offense finally got on track with Thigpen at the helm, but is he the answer to our prayers? Yes. He has a strong arm and the ability to run, but lacks experience.

So that leaves us to wonder: do you stay with him until he matures as a bonified NFL quarterback, or do you look for a seasoned vet?

Remember, the Chiefs are the youngest team in the league right now. Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters are among the few players with over 8 years experience.

The Chiefs need a leader.

Bringing in a seasoned veteran with some playoff experience will fill that void. So do you go outside the team or do you stay with Tyler Thigpen?

This is going to be another choice that Scott Pioli has to make.

Matt Cassel has one more year left with the Patriots; maybe Scott Pioli has a plan in the making.