Interview: Kathryn Tappen of NESN

Thomas H.Correspondent IJanuary 28, 2009

On Wednesday, Jocks 4 All, sat down with Kathryn Tappen. Tappen is a broadcaster for NESN, the New England Sports Network. Take a look.

TH: Do you think the Bruins goalie Thomas can lead the Bruins to the Stanley Cup?

KT: I absolutely think Thomas is qualified to take this team to the
Stanley Cup. But I also think the goaltender tandem of
Thomas and Manny Fernandez is what will ultimately power
this team through multiple rounds of the playoffs. It takes two
strong netminders to win a Cup

TH: Whats the best thing about working for NESN?

TH: Do you think Claude Julien will stay in Boston for the far future?

KT: Good question. I don't see why not. He has cultivated this team
exactly the way he wants it, and he's had success in doing so.
He has a strong relationship with GM Peter Chiarelli as well. I
think in the upcoming months, you'll see some contract .

TH: What part of your job do you always look forward to?

KT: I look forward to telling the story of the game to New England
fans. I really enjoy that people turn on the TV to NESN to get
their information and watch their favorite personalities tell
them the most up to date news on their teams. It's very
exciting to be there front and center.

TH: Kathryn thanks so much for the answers! I would love for you
to come check out my blog at or
type in Thomas Hislop at


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