Major League Baseball: All New Season

Matt LeeContributor IMarch 3, 2008

If you’re sick of the continuous Clemens case, and the never-ending steroids scandal, then you're probably just as thrilled as I am that good, old-fashioned baseball is back again.

Just like every other year, 2008 has a lot in store for baseball fans across the nation. Big names are on the move, players have already reported down south, and spring can't come soon enough.

The MLB is expanding it's horizons by sending the Oakland A's and the BoSox overseas to open the season in Tokyo. The Mets have a revived team after the deal with Johan Santana, and Pedro Martinez should be much better than last year. The Red Sox are once again going to be defending their title, and chasing another one, while the rivaled Yankees have bigger issues at hand. Barry Bonds could be playing in The Trop, for the D-Rays, and the one-hit wonder, Anibal Sanchez, signed with the Florida Marlins.

So basically, I think America's ready for another season. I know I am. I live for this.