UFC: I Am a Little Upset With Dana

Jen AnianoSenior Analyst IMarch 3, 2008

Do not get me wrong, I think Dana White has done more for the sport of MMA than many people could. But I have a bone to pick.

I understand that the UFC is a money-making organization.  I also understand that if they did everything with the fans in mind they might not make a lot of money.

This weekend I competed in the NAGA tournament at the Arnold Classic. The tournament cost me $80 and I had to pay for two nights in a hotel. Not to mention, I paid for the gas to get to Columbus and back. I just did not have the money to spend on a UFC ticket.  

I figured that the bars in Columbus would not be permitted to show the UFC so that the UFC could ensure that people in Columbus would buy tickets for the event.

I also figured that 20 miles or so outside of the city I could catch the event at a bar somewhere. But I was sadly mistaken. The UFC placed a 50 mile blockout on the event.  

I think 50 miles is really ridiculous. I missed the event and had to wait until I got home on Sunday to pay the $45 to watch it on TV.  All said and done, I could have bought the $50 UFC ticket.  

I'm upset because the UFC was making a ton of money on the event. They could have blocked Columbus bars and still made the money they made. I don't think it is right that they expect everyone to be able to afford tickets to the event.  

People who do not make enough money to watch the UFC at an event should be given equal opportunity to enjoy they sport they love. The UFC is not going anywhere and is not losing money. It is about time that all fans are considered.