2013 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10 Picks

NFL Draft 365Official AccountApril 30, 2012

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The 2012 NFL draft’s dust is barely settling. Fans are trying to figure out if their new rookies are saviors or busts. On paper, hope springs eternal for all NFL fans as they have new life, new blood and new chances of being a winning team and possibly bringing the Vince Lombardi trophy home in 2012.

But, if you are looking ahead to 2013, fear not. We have what ails you. Matt Miller makes the assumption that all of the teams this year will have the same picks as next year. But, if you’re a Colts, Rams or Redskins fan, that’s not necessarily a good thing. It means you failed to make the playoffs once again. 

At the top of next year’s draft defense is strong. Texas Longhorns linebacker Jackson Jeffcoat leads the top of the crop. Some other key defensive players to look out for are Texas DE Alex Okafor, Georgia’s linebacker Jarvis Jones and Notre Dame’s linebacker Manti Te’o.

We know the Rams are going to be big players in the 2013 NFL draft as they received many picks from the Redskins, including some first-round love. If Steven Jackson’s tread on his tires continues to wear, Rams fans should follow South Carolina’s running back Marcus Lattimore.

Not unlike the class of 2012 with Andrew Luck and RGIII, the class of 2013 has many interesting quarterback prospects, led by USC’s Matt Barkely.


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