The Value of a Long Snapper

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The Value of a Long Snapper

I have a friend who often says..."if you are left handed and can throw a ball 85 mph, you could be employed for the rest of your life." Basically, by virtue of natural talent, a person can really get paid. And singer and songwriter Don McClean, the writer of the song "American Pie" once said, “So when people ask me what American Pie means, I tell them it means I don't ever have to work again if I don't want to.” Essentially, if you do something (anything) well that has real value, it might just be a lifetime ticket.

What does all of this have to do with football? It basically describes the world of the long snapper. They provide a very specific and valuable skill for a football team. While nuanced and obscure, that skill is one that teams actually recruit for and professional teams hire. Nebraska provides two great recent examples of that value.

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