Barry Bonds and Freedom: Collusion in MLB?

Brandon HeikoopSenior Analyst IMarch 3, 2008

"Tell your friends" - Jose Canseco (via The Onion)

John Brattain writes an article at The Hardball Times that is exactly what I had planned on writing this week. He takes a look at why teams are hesitant to add Barry Bonds, asserting that any team who refuses to sign him, is essentially following an act of collusion, similar to that of 1986. Here is how Brattain relates the two scenarios,

"Yet writers are saying that a club should forgo employing Bonds even if it means not putting their best effort into assembling the roster in order to protect the game. If we’ve learned anything from baseball’s sordid past is that the biggest breach of trust is not doing everything within the rules to win, or failing that, being the very best that a player or team’s efforts allow."
  • ESPN's Page 2 has an excellent commentary on team-by-team suggestions for Bonds.
  • Peter Gammons discusses life in San Francisco AB (After Bonds).
  • Jerry Crasnick explains how the Giants are being handed from the best player of all time, to Wreckless Rowand.
  • And Buster Olney channels Tony Kornheiser in attacking (not really) Rosenthal suggesting that the Rays should sign Bonds.