WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Where Does Brock Lesnar Go Next After Loss to John Cena?

The EndAnalyst IApril 30, 2012

Will this be the fate of the WWE title?
Will this be the fate of the WWE title?

Shoot-fighting. It is the form of fighting that includes legitimately putting the hurt on your opponent as opposed to the normal scripted (worked) nature of professional wrestling.

Most people associate it with Japanese-style wrestling (Puroresu), which often incorporates shoot-fighting. However, it is not something new in American pro-wrestling. Champions in the days of multiple territories were often the best "shooters" as they might have to defend their title in a rival territory which didn't stick to the script.

While the Lesnar vs Cena match wasn't a shoot—Lesnar allowed Cena to cleanly pin him after an Attitude Adjustment, there were moments when Lesnar's use of MMA techniques and legitimately bleeding the "Cenation Leader" made it look like the match was blurring the lines between script and a real beat down.

Lesnar came to the WWE saying he "wasn't a professional wrestler, but an ass-kicker," and he delivered at Extreme Rules. With reports that John Cena is going on a break—much needed, because he has been a real workhorse and might have legitimate injury worries—Lesnar does not necessarily have to take the loss to Cena as a major setback.


So, what is next? 

Lesnar has been portrayed as a possible world champion. With Jericho losing to CM Punk again, the WWE championship is in need of a new No. 1 contender. Perhaps Brock will stand up and volunteer. I see him doing this by either demanding Mr. Laurinaitis give him the opportunity, or by destroying other people who might think they deserve it more than he does (I'm looking at you, Mark Henry).

Honestly, I was not initially in favor of Lesnar going for the titles, which are currently held by a star not named Cena, Orton or Triple H—the trio I wanted Lesnar to feud with. But, if Lesnar is going to entertain in the ring, he should get an opportunity with different kinds of wrestlers—those that use power (Cena, Henry, Big Show), those that use their heads (Triple H, Orton), and those that use technique (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan).


What can we expect in Lesnar vs CM Punk?

Techniques—lots of them. The independent wrestling scene (Indies) focuses more on technical matches than the WWE does. As a former ROH Champion, Punk is well-versed in technical fighting. incorporating MMA-like techniques into his moveset as well. Although Lesnar dominates the power aspect, Punk has often shown that he is able to use his cunning—almost HHH-like at times—mind to out-think his opponents.


What does this feud need?

A mouthpiece. Let's face it—Lesnar might walk the walk, but he just can't talk the talk. He needs a manager to pull him through promos with the best in the business. While Paul Heyman would obviously be the best choice, he doesn't seem too keen to return to a WWE ring. Unless he is pulling a Chris Jericho ("end of the world as we know it", anyone?) on us, it is unlikely he will be back in a hurry.

There are few people who can do the job that well. Most of the potential managers are either perennial babyfaces (Mick Foley) or wouldn't work too well with Lesnar (Jimmy Hart, Vickie Guerrero, Paul Bearer). While I would enjoy John "Bradshaw" Layfield's return, he has other things on his plate at the moment. So, the best option is to bring back the most monstrous heel manager in the history of the WWE—Mr. McMahon (evil genius persona). 

This would be a feud worth seeing.

Punk was one of the reasons why Vince lost his power last year. CM Punk would also have multiple people to cut promos against (I always wondered what he was going to say about the anti-bullying campaign) and Lesnar would be the dangerous heel with an equally dangerous manager.

Bring on the pain!


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