Is Randy Moss the Difference Maker?

John LewisSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2008

With Randy Moss dangling out there in free agency tantalizing many teams, owners and coaches are discussing whether to bring in the often disruptive WR.

That got me thinking, is Randy Moss the difference maker?  If a mediocre team brought him in, would that make them a certain playoff contender?  We all know what happened in Oakland, so there's no way Moss could make a difference on a team with little hope like the Atlanta Falcons.

Look we all know he's the best WR out there, just look at the best two team scoring seasons in the history of the NFL, and the fact that Moss was on both of them.  This past season the New England Patriots broke the scoring record for most points scored in one season, but the record before that was the 1998 Minnesota Vikings. 

I think that for Moss to make a difference he has to be on a winning team with a winning attitude.  He's shown, in the past, what happens when the team has very little to cheer for.

But the thought of having a WR, averaging 12.4 touchdowns per season, so rich with talent outweighs the negativity he brings to the game.

So far, no one has offered Moss a free agent contract, but that doesn't mean teams aren't thinking about him.