Sam Cassell Coming to Boston?

Matt LeeContributor IMarch 3, 2008

The veteran point guard, Sam Cassell, has been itching to come to Beantown, and it looks like the Celtics haven't felt much different.

KG is enthusiastic about the possible deal. He was quoted saying: "If [Cassell] were to come here, I don't think it would be a problem." So hopefully, despite the doubts, it may not disrupt the magic that has completely turned around the Celtics, from worst to first.

But, how would the current guard feel? The guard who's averaged only 10 ppg? Luckily for Boston, he's fine with the idea.

Rajan Rondo, the young point guard who's only in his second season said "I thought it would be a great idea. It can only help me."

Cassell's agent believes he will play backup for Rondo, in case something goes wrong down the road to the coveted prize of the NBA Finals Trophy. Personally, I think Sam Cassell should start.

The Celtics have an opportunity to further their lead on the Pistons, and if they start to slip with Rondo bringing the ball up court, and Cassell wasn't the answer they should have been looking for, all motivation could be lost.

Thankfully, the nuts and bolts don't have to be decided before Cassell joins the team. The Celts can take as much time as they need to let him adjust. And we can only pray that he does.