WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Beth Phoenix Shelved for Tonight's Match

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 29, 2012

courtesy wwe.com
courtesy wwe.com

This may come as a surprise to some, but it now appears Phoenix will no longer be competing at tonight's pay-per-view.

According to wrestlinginc.com:

WWE sent out a text message moments ago stating that Beth Phoenix was not medically cleared to face Nikki Bella for the Divas title tonight at Extreme Rules. A "mystery opponent" will now face Bella for the championship.

This is devastating news for Phoenix, yet it opens the doors for many possibilities. To me the most obvious would be the return of Kharma, which could lead to the long-awaited match against Phoenix at SumerSlam.

Another option could be Layla. Sadly, she has not been relevant for over a year, but a victory over Nikki Bella could bring her back in the fold. However, as we all know, the VP of Talent Relations can be a bit sneaky and could easily throw Nicki up against her sister.

I guess only time will tell, as we will have to wait and see who WWE has in store for Nikki Bella. Needless to say, this could go one of two ways: make the Diva's relevant again or bury them for good.

Now it's time for you to weigh in—who do you think Nikki's mystery opponent will be?