Denver Broncos 2012 NFL Draft: Predicting the Jersey Number for Each Draft Pick

Jay PercellContributor IIApril 29, 2012

Denver Broncos 2012 NFL Draft: Predicting the Jersey Number for Each Draft Pick

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    The Denver Broncos have finalized all of their 2012 draft picks, but when players like Derek Wolfe, Brock Osweiler and Ronnie Hillman are finalized on the active roster, what jersey numbers will they be wearing?

    The following slideshow utilizes some patchwork guesstimation to make predictions as to the eventual jersey number for each of the Denver Broncos' 2012 draft picks.

    Feel free to submit your own projections in the comments below.

Derek Wolfe, DT

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    This one is pretty straightforward: Derek Wolfe will keep his same collegiate No. 95.

    As Wolfe was the Broncos' top pick in 2012, he carries a certain amount of clout. Look for him to don No. 95, even though it is currently listed to one Jeremy Jarmon, a DT acquired from Washington in 2011, who has yet to play a game for Denver.

Brock Osweiler, QB

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    This one is not so clear cut. The Broncos recently signed WR Andre Caldwell, who quickly snatched up jersey No. 17—his previously worn No. 87 was occupied by Eric Decker.

    Still, my prediction is that Brock Osweiler will use some of his signing bonus—and perhaps some rookie gophering favors—to secure his collegiate No. 17. If Caldwell moves quickly, he could pick up the slimming jersey No. 11 instead.

Ronnie Hillman, RB

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    Ronnie Hillman will have to find a new jersey number with the Denver Broncos.

    At first, I had him pegged for No. 20, but I changed my mind, as No. 20 will likely go to newly signed safety Mike Adams, who wore that number with Cleveland.

    Instead, look for Hillman to wear No. 21—a very sleek number to match the style of Hillman's game.

Omar Bolden, CB

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    Omar Bolden certainly won't be able to keep his single-digit collegiate number.  But double it, make it No. 33, and we're in business.

    No. 33 would fit the new Broncos' secondary cover-man quite nicely.  Dre Bly wore No. 32 and Tyrone Braxton gave prominence to No. 34, but there has been no Bronco of great significance to wear No. 33, with the exception of the tail end of Tony Dorsett's career.

    Bolden will wear an orange and blue No. 33 very well.

Phillip Blake, OL

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    Unfortunately for Phillip Blake, No. 74 is already taken by last year's OL draft pick, Orlando Franklin. So are most of the other numbers in the 70s, with the exception of No. 77, but Karl Mecklenburg's number wouldn't look right on an offensive lineman.

    Instead, look for Blake to fill No. 70, which is still available. Given that Blake is a center competing with his former Baylor teammate JD Walton, No. 50, and the whole-number centers from Baylor will go well together.

Malik Johnson, DL

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    Malik Johnson wore No. 97 for both Southern Cal and Tennessee after he transferred. However, No. 97 belongs to Justin Bannan, the former Bronco who was just re-signed in the offseason. As Jackson is the low man on the totem pole, he will have to find a new number.

    Look for him to wear No. 98, the only number currently available along the defensive line.

Danny Trevathan

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    No. 22 is a cool number, but as a linebacker, Danny Trevathan will have to choose a new one.  With many linebacker numbers already taken, the choices are pretty slim, and only odd numbers are left. Of the available numbers to pick from, No. 57 would seem to fit best.

    However, I'm going out on a limb, and predict that he will ultimately fit into jersey No. 54. It is currently listed to one Cyrill Obiozor—no team photo. My gut says Obiozor winds up on the the practice squad, and the Broncos' draft pick Trevathan will get an even number.

    Thanks for the fun prognosticating! Feel free to interject your own numeric projections!