The New York Yankees Will Never Be Done

Paul Contributor IJanuary 28, 2009

Many people are trashing Alex Rodriguez and I am getting sick of it.

The Yankees are never done. A typical Red Sox fan thinks the Yankees could win just about 2,300 World Series titles and it will not be enough. This especially rings true with Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod could hit 800,000 home runs and fans will still be cursing him out on Web sites because of one strikeout, one fewer homer, or because he should have hit 2,000,000 more.

This guy's not Superman, folks.

Derek Jeter is a big part of this problem as his hits total and batting average differed very much from his better years—that's besides the point. However, Yankees fans will, and still, get on him for that.

As soon as anyone joins the Yankees their status changes. I understand that, but don't automatically hate them when the team doesn't hit 10,000 homers a year and say, "Oh this guy didn't hit 10,000 homers—he wasn't paying attention."

I understand that Red Sox fans cannot help saying some dumb, stupid, dull-minded thing about the Yankees each and every day of their lives.

God knows why, but I understand it.