UNC Number One Again?

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2008

After a stunning upset of Tennessee at Vanderbilt, and Texas losing at Texas Tech, the question is: who should be Number One?

Some would argue that Memphis is the best in the country, boasting a 28-1 overall record (the one being to number two Tennessee) and a 14-0 conference record. 

North Carolina, however, could give them a run for their money. They have an overall record of 27-2 (one loss to a top 10 Duke team and one to a solid Maryland squad) and a conference record of 12-2.

If you compare these teams and the strength of their schedules, North Carolina has a big edge over a Memphis crew that plays in a weak C-USA conference.

Memphis has played four ranked nonconference games and won three of them. None of their conference opponents are ranked.

UNC has faced one ranked nonconference opponent and defeated them. They have also faced one ranked conference opponent and lost by 11.