English Flat Racing—2000 Guineas

Anthony CurrieContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

                                    English 2000 Guineas—2009

Adian O'Brien won the 2000 Guineas in 2008 with "Henry the Navigator". Ultimately, perhaps the best colt on ground firmer that good.

Having Master Craftsman rated the Best two year old in Europe, Adian O'Brien is on course to win the English 2000 Guineas with this well bred entire. He is 10/1 on most betting platforms.

Extremely well bred even out of a seller, we can expect a big run the first time out. He is reportedly galloping with "Henry the Navigator" and well foward for this.

He has reportedly improved tremendously and well far foward. This inside information was supplied to us about three weeks ago. We even heard a report where he had galloped a mile and finished full of himself and ears pricked.

Be on this one and is reportedly the best three year old in the yard.He is reportedly expected to win the English and Irish 2000 Guineas for Adian O'Brien.