WWE: Will Daniel Bryan & AJ Somehow Get Back Together in the End?

Cory CoolsonCorrespondent IApril 29, 2012

One of the top angles currently on SmackDown is the fallout of the breakup between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. 

Over the past few weeks, the character of AJ has shifted tremendously.

She started out as a sweet, innocent little girl who had a relationship with her verbally abusive boyfriend, Daniel Bryan.

When Bryan started mistreating her, AJ's character shifted into a sympathetic defenseless girl.

When Bryan dumped her, that's when AJ started turning into a bit of a psycho. After Bryan continued to insult her—including telling AJ that he wishes she was never born—AJ still couldn't get over her evil boyfriend.

On SmackDown this week, AJ attacked her best-friend Kaitlyn for laying out a few negative remarks towards Bryan—portraying AJ as a psychotic craze.

When Bryan first started mistreating AJ, I was sure that AJ would get her payback and attain crowd support in the process.

Now, with AJ nearly solidifying her psycho persona, it seems as if this angle has only begun—which means Bryan won't be getting his comeuppance for a little while.

Will AJ get back together with Bryan? I can promise you there will be a clear direction after tonight's Extreme Rules PPV.

AJ can't turn face by screwing Bryan—there's just no way. The fans will refuse to root for someone who's stupid enough to be in love with a jerk like Bryan in the first place.

AJ has to turn heel.

Will that mean that she screws Sheamus the world title? Not necessarily.

She could unintentionally cost Bryan the title again tonight—with her love-craze for Bryan only increasing while Bryan's hatred for AJ increases as well.

To sum it all up in a ball, if Daniel Bryan doesn't win the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, AJ and Daniel Bryan will never get back together in WWE history. If Bryan does win back the title with the help of AJ, we'll be getting a new power-couple in the WWE.

My prediction for tonight: a new World Heavyweight Champion.