Avalanche Drowned by Sharks, Lose 3-0

Shane GirouxSenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009


Of the four significant events that happened today, the Avalanche losing to the Sharks was the least shocking.

Losing my car keys in Martensville, getting a ride back to Saskatoon to grab my spare keys, turning around and going back to Martensville, getting in my car, heading back to Saskatoon and then discovering my keys were in my back pocket the whole time? Not as shocking as you'd think. I lose my car keys a lot.

Playing volleyball on a bum ankle and injuring my upper back? Not terribly shocking. I'm an idiot for not letting my ankle heal fully, but given the distance between the body parts, I'll call it slightly more shocking than the lost key debacle.

Hearing a friend who was vacationing in the Dominican fell off a balcony, broke 3 vertebrae, and sprained her ankle? That was far and away #1 on the list of shocking events.

And in light of that, I'm not even going to expend any energy watching a recorded version of the Avs getting shutout.

It's just not worth it.