WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Why John Cena Needs to Be Squashed by Brock Lesnar

Aakash VasaCorrespondent IIApril 29, 2012

John Cena and Brock Lesnar will headline WWE Extreme Rules, from which we're barely hours away, and its ending could affect the premier WWE storyline for a few months to come. 

As usual, when it comes to a John Cena match, the IWC (the Internet Wrestling Community, which includes me) always want him to lose clean. Not because we hate him, but because we're tired of seeing him win. But, in this case, Cena needs to lose. And not just lose, he needs to be dismantled by the brutish Brock Lesnar.

John Cena is already on a downward spiral after losing the biggest match of his life at the biggest WrestleMania ever to The Rock. This loss finally proved he's human, and it took a legend and Hollywood megastar to do it.

Cena needs to lose to Lesnar, and then go on to have a disastrous summer. He should lose every big match, preferably go on a really long losing streak. 

This will achieve two things.

One, he'll get a chance to win over some fans. From last week's Raw!, it was evident that people have shown some sympathy for Cena when it comes to his feud with Lesnar. This would be the best chance for him to increase his fanbase. 

For years, the single largest complaint against Cena is that he does not lose. A losing streak, especially one which is started by Lesnar, should put all those complaints to rest.

Secondly, this will turn into the most intriguing John Cena storylines since his joining of the Nexus rebels.

The majority of the  WWE Universe will want to see Cena losing. Cena losing to big guys and mid-carders. Cena losing clean. Cena losing at pay-per-views. This will be a fresh change from the dull and drab Cenation Commander that we endure.

Brock Lesnar should squash Cena at Extreme Rules in a matter of minutes, and proclaim how "overrated" Cena always was. With each Cena loss, Lesnar's point will be proved. 

Until John Cena reaches breaking point, preferably by SummerSlam. Then he would challenge Lesnar to a match, finally coming out victorious. 

What do you think, will the WWE even think of taking this course?
Do you agree with me? Rant off in the comments section! 

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Cheers, and thanks for reading!