World Football: Top 5 Long-Range Goals of All-Time

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIApril 29, 2012

World Football: Top 5 Long-Range Goals of All-Time

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    In case you missed it, Luis Suarez scored a magnificent goal to complete his hat trick against Norwich City—a  45-yard bomb that lobbed the goalkeeper perfectly.

    That got me thinking: How does this goal fit with long-range goals in history?

    What would be the longest goal in the history of world football?

    Think Suarez's goal was impressive? Try these incredible finishes and enjoy the five greatest long-range goals of all-time.

5. Andy Lonergan

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    Against Leicester City, Lonergan found the back of the net from the edge of his own box.

    Terrible goalkeeping at the other end, but a nice finish by the man with the gloves nonetheless.

4. Paul Robinson

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    Perhaps the greatest part about this goal was that the scoreboard briefly recorded the goal as a Watford goal and not Tottenham.

    Even it couldn't handle just how good this finish—I guess it's a finish—really was.

3. David Bingham

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    Another measured and perfectly weighted goal from the back—this time by Earthquake goalkeeper David Bingham against West Brom.

    If you squint at his name, it may actually look like David Beckham, which could be how he found the back of the net.

2. Malaysian Goalkeeper

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    This goal came from a goal kick—all the others came from broken play.

    But more of the same from the goalkeeper, who this time exposes the Vietnamese national goalkeeper at the other end as a poor judge of flight.

    And in other news, yellow just beats red into the back of the net.

    Photo finish.

1. Tim Howard

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    Tim Howard became just the fourth goalkeeper to score in Premier League history with this goal against Bolton Wanderers earlier this year.

    What makes this goal the top choice is the fact that it was the opening goal of the match—meaning that he was officially the first goal scorer. I have no idea what the odds would have been, but if you managed to back the Everton keeper at 500/1, congratulations are in order.

    Hopefully, Luis Suarez doesn't start shooting from his own box—as memorable as his goal against Norwich was. Though I do think these goalkeepers will all try their bragging rights over the Liverpool star as to their ability to find the back of the net from further out.


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