WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Roundtable Predictions

Eric Kanes@EricKanesContributor IIIApril 29, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Roundtable Predictions

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    What's up, ladies and gentlemen? My name is Eric Kanes, and I am back here today with my monthly pay-per-view preview. I will break things down and give the realistic odds for each match.

    As always, I'll have some fellow QuickWrestlingNews columnists joining me as well. This month, we've got Geddy Cahoon, Dave Scott, Adam Behan, George Cushnie, Liam Hindmarsh and"Primetime" Gregory Bitetzakis.

    Just for fun, I'm keeping track of the amount of predictions the QuickWrestlingNews staff got right for each PPV. Here are the results for WrestleMania 26:

    Eric Kanes
    Everybody Else: 5

    And here are the combined PPV prediction results:

    Adam Behan: 12
    Dave Scott: 11
    Eric Kanes: 11
    Geddy Cahoon: 10
    Liam Hindmarsh: 10
    George Cushnie: 10
    Gregory Bitetzakis: 10

    Now, without any further ado, let's get this show on the road!

Santino Marella (c) vs. The Miz

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    Eric Kanes: It's amazing how far The Miz has fallen in the past year. After getting the win at WrestleMania, they could've easily done a storyline where John Laurinaitis rewards him by putting him in high-profile matches, maybe even putting him into a title match with Sheamus.

    Instead, they've done absolutely nothing with him and he is relegated to the pre-show match on YouTube. The sad thing is that on top of all that, he is going to end up jobbing to a guy whose finishing move is a poke to the face.

    Eric's Pick: Santino Marella

    Geddy Cahoon: Isn't this sad? What's become of The Miz? He's undefeated at WrestleMania, he has won numerous championships, he's one of the best talkers and most entertaining acts in the company, and he was one of the longest reigning WWE champions in recent memory. Fans loved him, or loved to hate him.

    Now...this. I don't know what to say here. I mean obviously, Santino is winning. That's a no-brainer. As much as this match hurts The Miz, putting the belt back on him would probably hurt worse, although he'd probably be a better champ than Santino. Santino's retaining, and we will all regret this match. It hasn't even happened yet, and it's left a sour taste in my mouth already.

    Geddy's Pick: Santino Marella

    Dave Scott: You have to feel bad for The Miz being in this situation. Going from top of the food chain all the way down to the YouTube pre-show. Regardless, I do think this will be a decent match that probably could have done with actually being on the card with some build.

    Just have The Miz go on about how Santino is making an embarrassment of a title that he once held and POW! You've got a storyline. Sounds easy, does it not? Anyway, can't see past Santino winning this one.

    Dave's Pick: Santino Marella

    Adam Behan: This match has been just poorly advertised and brought to our attention. I am gathering that the WWE is only using this to promote their YouTube channel and see if it is successful. As it is a trial and error thing, I see Santino retaining just to keep the people who are watching happy. I cannot see a "major" title changing hands on YouTube with no build.

    Adam's Pick: Santino Marella

    George Cushnie: It saddens me that these two men aren’t actually on the card. Santino is arguably the most over babyface in the entire company. Miz has been booked horribly ever since Survivor Series. If you ever needed proof that the United States Championship meant nothing to WWE, this is it.

    What’s the point of putting these two together? They’re not even feuding. It seems like another “we don’t know what to do with either of these men, so let’s put them in a match (that’s being broadcast on YouTube!)."

    Because this is the first time that there’s been a match broadcast live on YouTube, I could see a title change happening here. I call BS on that though. Santino’s been on one hell of a roll so far in 2012.

    He performed well at Elimination Chamber, he got his second straight WrestleMania match, and he beat two of the best WRESTLERS on WWE’s books, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, in a triple-threat match the other week on Raw.

    As for Miz, he’s not been featured on TV in the last few weeks, but then they throw him into this special YouTube broadcast? It’s a complete misuse of both of these talents and pretty disrespectful to them if you ask me. Why not just put the match on the actual card?

    George's Pick: The Miz

    Liam Hindmarsh: I feel so bad for The Miz at this moment in time. Having the main event of last year's WrestleMania and a little over a year later, he’s been relegated to a pre show match on YouTube for a title which has little to no meaning.

    When Zack Ryder started his campaign to become the US champion, I was hoping that he would be the guy to add some more credit to it. But, the moment he lost it, it’s just fallen back into the pit of championships which are more or less irrelevant. This match has had no build up, I just hope that Miz wins this. I’m not a fan of Santino.

    Liam's Pick: The Miz

    Gregory Bitetzakis: Pre show match which brings back memories of old school half an hour preshows on WWE PPVs. I really hope The Miz wins, so why not? Miz wins and we have a new champ.

    Gregory's Pick: The Miz

Randy Orton vs. Kane (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

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    Eric Kanes: Could not possibly care less about this match. It's a match between two of the least interesting characters in one of the least interesting feuds in a long time. I assume Orton will pick up the win here. He's been doing a lot of jobbing in the past few months (Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Kane), and I think that trend will end tonight.

    Eric's Pick: Randy Orton

    Geddy Cahoon: I hope to god that this is the end of this ridiculous feud. I don't even know why they're fighting! A handshake? Brilliant writing there, guys. I'm sure this match will be just as average and boring as their WrestleMania match.

    Perhaps it will be even more average and boring, but I don't know how that would even happen. Although, I have to admit that I did love both Paul Bearer segments on RAW, if just for their sheer ridiculousness. That's right folks: the most entertaining part of this 4 month feud has been Paul Bearer getting locked in a freezer. Hopefully Randy Orton will win, and this will mercifully be over.

    Geddy's Pick: Randy Orton

    Dave Scott: Hopefully, this will be the end of these two feuding so they can both get moved on to something new. With Kane going over at WrestleMania, I think we will more than likely see Orton come out with a win here.

    Dave's Pick: Randy Orton

    Adam Behan: This rivalry has dragged on since WrestleMania and really hasn't been interesting. I can only fathom that the WWE will give Randy the win here to promote Orton before his potential rivalry with Lesnar. The main reason I will give RKO the win is that Cena vs. Kane round two went to Cena; it will happen again.

    Adam's Pick: Randy Orton

    George Cushnie: This is one of the times that I’ll give credit where credit is due. I enjoy watching Kane and Randy Orton go toe-to-toe.

    Kane winning at WrestleMania surprised me. I genuinely never saw that coming. Since then, their interactions have been just as intense. Kane attacked Randy’s father on a recent episode of SmackDown, before Randy returned the favor earlier this week on Raw.

    The devil’s favorite demon wins my choice for most unintentionally funny line of the month for saying “I’m a sucker for family reunions” on Smackdown. I genuinely lol’d when I heard that.

    Getting to the match, I can see this being one of the most physical matches of the evening. Both men are so experienced now that they’ll be able to put on a decent 10-15 minute match. Kane won at Mania, so logic says the Viper will even up their feud here.

    George's Pick: Randy Orton

    Liam Hindmarsh: “I’m a sucker for family reunions.” I did laugh at that line. I’ve actually enjoyed this feud for the most part. Yes, the reasoning behind it is a little silly but the match they had at WrestleMania was a lot better than most people thought it would be. I did enjoy seeing Bob Orton on Smackdown a few weeks back and even Paul Bearer to an extent this past week although what happened to him did seem similar to what he went through during the Kane and Edge feud.

    I’m just happy that Kane is sticking around in this upper mid card slot and hope he can stay there throughout the remainder of the year. Kane won at WrestleMania with Orton winning the rematch on Smackdown. I think this is the end of the feud so I think Orton will pick up the win here and possibly move back into the world title picture. The falls count anywhere aspect fits this match well and I expect it will be better than the match they had at WrestleMania. I can see a very nice finish here, possibly using the RKO somewhere unexpected.

    Liam's Pick: Randy Orton

    Gregory Bitetzakis: This should be easy. Kane won at WrestleMania, Orton wins here, which sets up a 3rd match where Orton wins to rid us of this awful feud.

    Gregory's Pick: Randy Orton

Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

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    Eric Kanes: Here, we've got another underwhelming match-up. I think it's pretty funny how people are saying that Cody Rhodes lost the Intercontinental title to move on to bigger and better things. Even if he does get a world title run later on in the year, the end result will probably be the same as with Jack Swagger, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, etc.

    The character has not been developed well, and assuming he is going to get a world title run sometime down the road, they are making him look awfully weak going into it. With that said, he'll continue to look weak here and take the loss to Big Show.

    Eric's Pick: Big Show

    Geddy Cahoon: Couple of things here: Deciding the stip of the match by wheel the night of the pay per view is a horrific idea. People who don't care will care even less, and the people who do care will NOT be watching this pre-show. It sounds unbearably boring. I love Cody Rhodes, and even I don't give a shit about this match.

    Second thing: To everyone who was happy Rhodes lost the belt so that he could now be "propelled to the top," I present to you: Jobbing to The Great Khali 4,000 times. If this is how WWE pushes guys now, then clearly Cody is on his way to the top! This match will probably be alright; their WrestleMania match was decent.

    I'm just worried it'll get bogged down even more with a cheesy gimmick. Cody better immediately enter into a program with a top star after this feud, and start winning matches because he certainly ain't winning here, and he's losing momentum every week. And I don't even want to get into how retarded it is to have a 45-year-old veteran hold the belt that's supposed to propel younger stars to the top.

    Geddy's Pick: Big Show

    Dave Scott: This one is a hard one. I think it would make sense for Cody Rhodes to win the match, but I don't think it would make sense to have Show drop the title so quickly after winning it. I'm hoping to see Rhodes move on to bigger and better things against an opponent who he can have great matches with. So I'm going to go out on a limb and go for Show to win and retain the title with Rhodes to move on slightly further up the card.

    Dave's Pick: Big Show

    Adam Behan: Another rivalry continuing on from WrestleMania. I believe that the loss at WrestleMania for Rhodes was the end of his stint as Intercontinental Champion and he will be ready to move on soon. Big Show will retain with the WMD again.

    Adam's Pick: Big Show

    George Cushnie:I’ll go on record here as saying that Big Show entertains me. I like watching him work, whether he’s a heel or a babyface. It’s pretty rare to find someone as big as him who can actually work a decent match. The problem is that I don’t see what point there was in giving him the Intercontinental Championship.

    Traditionally, the IC Champion has been someone that the company is building as a major star of the future. That’s why I was so happy that Cody held the belt for as long as he did. He’ll be a World Champion in the next 18 months for sure. Big Show isn’t a star for the future. If anything, he’s in the twilight of his career, so maybe he should be looking at winding down a little bit.

    My concern for this match is what happens if Cody goes over Big Show. If Rhodes walks out as IC Champion, I’m terrified that Big Show will form the World’s Slowest Tag-Team with Great Khali. That’s something that NOBODY wants to see, so because it’s the lesser of two evils, Big Show is my pick to retain his title.

    George's Pick: Big Show

    Liam Hindmarsh: I want Cody to lose. I want him to move up. He doesn’t need the IC title anymore. Then again, I’m not a fan of Big Show so him winning doesn’t do it for me either. In an ideal world here, I want Big Show to win so Cody can move on up.

    Then, have Big Show lose it to a solid mid card guy the next month. Cody moves up, Big Show moves down, and I’m a very happy boy. Oh, and a last minute edit here, the spinning wheel element just makes me think that this will give the match some stupid gimmick which will give Big Show a huge advantage.

    Liam's Pick: Big Show

    Gregory Bitetzakis: This question is not who I like better but who will win. Cody has to get out of this feud and a loss here would do it. Big Show keeps the belt and Cody moves to not necessarily bigger things because Big Show is pretty big but better things.

    Gregory's Pick: Big Show

Nikki Bella (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

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    Eric Kanes: Nikki Bella wins and loses the title to Kharma the next night. Pretty obvious that that's the only reason she won the title. I'm actually looking forward to Kharma's return. Hopefully, we get some good matches with her against Beth Phoenix or Natalya.

    Eric's Pick: Nikki Bella

    Geddy Cahoon: Yawn. That's really all I have to say, right? Hopefully, Kharma will return here, or Monday on RAW. That's the only good thing that could possibly come of this. Also, Beth's sell job for the fake injury was actually quite good. Fun little thing you can figure out by the result of this match: If The Bellas win, they have most likely re-signed with WWE.

    If they lose Sunday, or Kharma shows up on RAW, they have most likely not resigned. I'm sure you don't care either way. I'll just take a leap and
    say The Bellas win. Despite the sh*tty treatment of the Divas, they tend to at least hold on to the belt for a decent amount of time.

    Geddy's Pick: Nikki Bella

    Dave Scott: Most my diva predictions are the exact same every month and this one is not going to be any different...I don't care. But as I have to make a choice, the hotter one will win and her also hot twin will help.

    Dave's Pick: Nikki Bella

    Adam Behan: This match came out of the blue and so did the title change. I gather that the "fake" injury to Phoenix has her looking weak so that Nikki will retain in a boring, unwanted match. Miz should have wrestled here instead and we should've had the Divas on YouTube.

    Adam's Pick: Nikki Bella

    George Cushnie: Filler match, anyone? Anyone who’s anyone can see that the only reason Beth lost the Divas title is because WWE is readying Kharma for her comeback. Beth vs. Kharma is their money match. Simple as that. (Natalya vs. Beth or Natalya vs. Kharma is also fine with me!)

    The Bellas’ contracts are supposedly up after Raw finishes next Monday night and there’s been no word of any extension being offered or signed. It’s a shame because I think that the Bellas have improved tremendously since they debuted. Add their in-ring improvement to the fact that they’re smoking hot and you’ve got a winning combination!

    Beth Phoenix is another example of how horribly WWE has booked some of their better talent lately. How can WWE expect fans to give a crap about their midcard/divas/tag divisions if they don’t give them any storylines or TV time?

    I mean for crying out loud, the Glamazon was part of a tag match at Mania where she LOST to a team of Maria Menounous and Kelly Kelly. I’m a firm believer that the best talent in WWE should be showcased and that’s what Beth Phoenix is. She’s one of the three best female WRESTLERS in WWE (the others being Natalya and Kharma).

    I don’t see Beth getting the title back here. They’ll keep it off her until they can have the money match between her and Kharma.

    George's Pick: Nikki Bella

    Liam Hindmarsh: I don’t want to write about this. Do I have to write about this? Please don’t make me write about this. Okay fine, I’ll write about it but please put the gun down. I don’t care about this match. WWE has not given me a reason to care about this match.

    My only hope is that Beth says she is still injured and can’t compete only to reveal that Kharma is taking her place. Then, have Kharma obliterate both Bellas into obscurity meaning we will never have to endure the sight of them competing in a WWE ring ever again. So I’m predicting someone who isn’t even in the match will be the new Divas Champion.

    Liam's Pick: Kharma

    Gregory Bitetzakis: This match was just put together and is intriguing because of the injury angle to Beth. I think this injury is here to give a reason for Beth to lose because why have her lose on Raw? I throw my hands in the air with this division but I have no idea what the WWE is doing.

    Gregory's Pick: Nikki Bella

Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (2 out of 3 Falls Match)

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    Eric Kanes: Ever since Sheamus won the world title, SmackDown has gone back to where it was a few years ago - the show where nothing ever happens. For a few months, SmackDown was a "must watch" show for me as I was eager to watch Daniel Bryan. Now, it's pretty much the same thing every week.

    I don't even understand the logic of putting the title on Sheamus. I can't see what benefit anybody got out of Daniel Bryan losing the title. Anyway, each guy gets a fall here and Sheamus ends up winning, possibly after interference by AJ. Could be a fun match as I'd expect a lot of "Yes!" chants from the Chicago crowd.

    Eric's Pick: Sheamus

    Geddy Cahoon: YES! I'm sure every one of us will be quoting that or some variation during this section of the preview. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Daniel Bryan is the most entertaining act in WWE right now, and I might be in love with him. I've always liked him a lot, but sometimes it is really fun to jump on the bandwagon. That said, I wouldn't put too much stock in him winning here. It's two out of three falls.

    That means we will either see a decent, well-worked match, or another travesty like at 'Mania. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we got another quick loss for Bryan here. You wouldn't think WWE would do that twice, but you didn't think that they would pull that sh*t at 'Mania, did you?

    I don't see any reason to have faith of any kind in WWE here regarding the match length or quality, so I won't comment too much on it. Sheamus is not really over as champ, and it would be sensible at this point to give the belt back to Bryan. But WWE won't do that, because as popular as he is now, YES! will get old, and then we won't want him as champ.

    Also, word's going around that Sheamus will be feuding with Del Rio going forward anyways, which is a fresh feud that I'm actually looking forward to. Hopefully, Bryan will be used as a top guy going forward, and still be featured prominently on RAW and SmackDown. Look for a Daniel Bryan-related article next week from yours truly, and DON'T look forward to Bryan as champ, because it isn't happening.

    Geddy's Pick: Sheamus

    Dave Scott: This match has the potential to be absolutely beast. Two out of three falls with two solid workers, how can it go wrong? Unless Sheamus wins the first two falls in eighteen seconds combined. I think what we will see here is Bryan getting the first fall and then Sheamus winning the next two. Should be a great match and I'm really looking forward to it.

    Dave's Pick: Sheamus

    Adam Behan: Our first real match of the night...Hopefully. This match will last longer than 18 seconds for sure now and will be an entertaining clash. I do see all the champions retaining tonight because it is too soon for changes straight after WrestleMania. Brogue Kick to win.

    Adam's Pick: Sheamus

    George Cushnie: Will this match get longer than 36 seconds?! (if you got that, I’m proud of ya!)

    I don’t think that there’s another two men in WWE who’ve improved as much as these 2 in the last year. Sheamus has taken to his babyface role really well since last summer and he’s been on one hell of a roll. In the last 6 months of 2011, Sheamus lost ONE televised match out of 27. That’s a phenomenal record by any standards, and it shows how much the “WWE Machine” has gotten behind the big Irish fella.

    By contrast, Daniel Bryan was booked like a jobber for most of 2011 (his Money in the Bank win aside). However, since he cashed in his briefcase, Bryan’s been phenomenal. He’s embraced his new role as a heel and he’s run with the ball. I’ve always been a fan of Bryan’s, going back to his ROH days. I’m just glad that he’s getting a chance to show what he can do.

    I can see this match going 20-25 minutes if they get the time to. They got screwed at WrestleMania 27 and 28, so if it happens again here, a lot of fans are gonna be p*ssed!

    I think Bryan will get the first fall, but Sheamus will show the mark of a champion by winning 2-1.

    George's Pick: Sheamus

    Liam Hindmarsh: I wonder what the chances are of the first fall being similar to that of WrestleMania. I like the 2/3 falls aspect. Let's just hope and pray that we don’t get a pin fall every 6 seconds; otherwise, we’ll be tying WrestleMania. Like most 2/3 falls matches, it is likely to finish 2-1. It would be a real slap in the face of Bryan if Sheamus gets it 2-0.

    I could actually see WWE doing that just to embarrass Bryan furthermore. The Chicago crowd will be hot for Bryan so there should be a good atmosphere in the arena. I hope that the match gets around 15-20 minutes to show what both guys could do and also show what they could a have done at WrestleMania. It wouldn’t surprise me if AJ got involved in some way, perhaps costing Bryan the match.

    Liam's Pick: Sheamus

    Gregory Bitetzakis: Interesting match which has to be longer than the WrestleMania match. I mean, the ref has to at least count to six for two pinfalls, right? I think Bryan deserves better but you can not take the title away from Sheamus this soon. As usual, both wrestlers get a fall a piece and in the end, Sheamus wins. Maybe an interference from A.J., perhaps?

    Gregory's Pick: Sheamus

CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho (Chicago Street Fight)

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    Eric Kanes: This feud has been a bit of a disappointment due to the fact that instead of being a feud over who the best in the world is and being sort of a "dream match-up", it has turned into a feud over whether CM Punk is straightedge or not. This could've easily been one of the best rivalries of the year, but like I said, I have to say that I'm disappointed.

    Nonetheless, this match has potential to be great considering it is a "Chicago Street Fight" and the crowd will be loudly supporting CM Punk. It will definitely top their WrestleMania match-up and could very well end up being the "Match of the Night." CM Punk will end up winning because Chris Jericho is likely going on a tour with his band soon while Punk will still be around.

    Eric's Pick: CM Punk

    Geddy Cahoon: Ah the feud that I probably couldn't care less about if I tried, which is sad because these are two of the WWE's top performers, and I adore CM Punk. The feud has been hampered by lame acting, honestly. These are two phenomenal talkers who are just not doing well with this material. It's hokey. Although, I'll admit that I enjoyed their exchange on Monday.

    Their 'Mania match was disappointing, and I hope that this one is at least marginally better, since it's a "Chicago Street Fight" and everything. Can you tell how little I care? As for the victor...I don't know. I'd say Punk, because CM Punk is money, and Jericho is purportedly leaving soon after Extreme Rules to tour with Fozzy for a few months. Why anyone would pay money to see that band is beyond me.

    They're awful. But this isn't about musical taste. I'm leaning towards a Jericho win, somewhat. Typically the guy who gets beat up badly on TV wins at the show. They don't always follow that rule, but it's typical. I'll go with my gut and the rumors circulating, and say CM Punk retains.

    Geddy's Pick: CM Punk

    Dave Scott: Though these two had a great match at WrestleMania, I didn't feel it was as good as expected. Hopefully, this time they pull out all the stops and have a classic match. I've not been too pleased with how this feud has went but if they can pull a five star match out the bag, all that will not matter at all. Can't see Punk dropping the title at this point.

    Dave's Pick: CM Punk

    Adam Behan: It is hard to write reasons for people to win because a lot of these matches will be repeats of 'Mania. CM Punk will win with a GTS and there will be no doubt that he is the Best in the World.

    Adam's Pick: CM Punk

    George Cushnie:This match is going to be just as difficult to pick as their match at WrestleMania. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t really care who wins because I’m a massive fan of both of these men. I think that they’re very underrated in terms of their in-ring work.

    Jericho's just simply awesome at playing the a$$hole heel. He’s money at it, that’s just the way it is. In ring, he’s as sound as he’s ever been. Over the last few weeks, Jericho’s really been playing up the alcohol angle. As well as he’s doing with it, most of the fans who’re over the age of 25 have already seen this before between Jerry Lawler and Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts. It feels like WWE are just being lazy with it.

    Punk, on the other hand, hasn’t been as impressive on the mic lately. I think that’s because on a couple of occasions, he hasn’t been face-to-face with Jericho. It must be really difficult to fire on all cylinders when you’re reacting to what’s essentially a video tape in front of tens of thousands of people.

    Make no mistake about it, the crowd will be hot for this match. Added to the fact that their match is basically a No DQ match, this is going to be an intense match. I expect Jericho to bring Punk’s family into it again at some point and I think that could prove to be a decisive factor in the match. I think Jericho will use it to get under Punk’s skin and he’ll take advantage to win the title.

    George's Pick: Chris Jericho

    Liam Hindmarsh: I mentioned that the crowd would be hot for Daniel Bryan. The heat for Punk will be on a whole new level. Back in Chicago, it brings back memories of Money in the Bank, when the crowd was insane. I fully expect the crowd to be on par or even greater this time around. I’ve enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the feud.

    Jericho has been awesome as always while Punk, although modern, he does have this old school edge to him that compliments Jericho well. This is billed as a “Chicago Street Fight." I miss those old street fights when the action did actually leave the arena and go onto the actual streets. Sadly, those days are long gone. It would be epic to see it again, though.

    This could be match of the night. The street fight element does work well and by now, we all know Punk is chomping at the bit to get his hands on Jericho so I would expect the first half of the match to be very physical. I hope it gets 20 plus minutes to put on a hell of a good show. Is this the end of the feud? If Punk wins, Jericho no longer has a claim for a rematch. If Jericho wins, the feud continues. Last year, Punk walked in challenger and left as champion. This year, I say Punk walks in champion and loses. While the Chicago crowd is baying for Y2J's blood.

    Liam's Pick: Chris Jericho

    Gregory Bitetzakis: This match really confuses me. Since Jericho has come back, he has jobbed over and over again to CM Punk despite the feud being more personal. As most expect, since Extreme Rules is in Chicago, Punk will walk out the winner, but I will go the other way.

    Jericho has made it clear that he is leaving in the summer so to make this feud mean anything, you have to have Jericho win some time and here is when to do it. Have Jericho the short term champion and Punk win at Jericho's last PPV, which I assume will be SummerSlam, and end the feud there.

    Gregory's Pick: Chris Jericho

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (Extreme Rules Match)

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    Eric Kanes: And here we've got the match that everybody is anticipating - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena. This is Brock Lesnar's first match in over eight years. A lot of people may not know this but I am a huge Brock Lesnar mark. Most of my QuickWrestlingNews colleagues are older than I am, so they likely grew up during the Attitude Era, watching the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock.

    I started watching wrestling right around the time the Attitude Era ended and the Ruthless Aggression Era began, which Brock Lesnar dominated, so he's always been one of my favorites. It's awesome to see him back, even if he has a limited contract. In fact, now that he's back, it would make a lot of sense to move John Cena over to SmackDown (although I doubt it'll happen). SmackDown needs him now more than ever while Brock Lesnar is more than enough star power for RAW. People will say that he's on a contract with limited appearances but they can still have him on the show every week, a la Chris Jericho appearing via satellite in his feud against CM Punk.

    Anyway, this match should be awesome with the crowd strongly pro-Lesnar. Lesnar will win here. Most of the current fans do not even know who he is so having him lose in his first match would not do a good job of putting him over as a dominant force. They might be going somewhere with the John Cena losing storyline, as he uncharacteristically lost to both The Rock and Lord Tensai this month. Either way, should be fun to see what happens.

    Eric's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    Geddy Cahoon: Here's the match that the five people who actually order this show will probably be paying for. The problem is...This doesn't really feel grand. Lesnar returned rather unceremoniously a month back, and he's really just seemed like some thug who walked off the street, not a prestigious opponent. And I get that that's the feel WWE is trying to cultivate, but it hurts the prestige of the match.

    Lesnar's promo work has been horrific, even though his exchange with Laurinaitis this past Monday was the funniest thing I've seen in a while, and Cena hasn't really been cutting any promos which means that ALL of the talking in this feud has been on Lesnar, which is never a good thing. Although the "I'm an asskicker" video package was OK, I guess, we didn't need to see it FOUR TIMES IN ONE DAMN NIGHT.

    Then there's the worry that it just isn't going to be a good match or even a match at all, really. It'll likely just be them hitting each other with weapons for 20 minutes. Lesnar clearly isn't in the greatest shape. The fault is on both he and the WWE. Perhaps he shouldn't have been thrust into a high profile match so quickly, but perhaps he should've gotten in better shape for his WWE return.

    This match will likely be entertaining, since it's cool to see Lesnar back in action, but let's take the Rose colored glasses off for a second, and view this match objectively for what it will probably be: Not good. Perhaps even an embarrassment, if the match actually turns out at all like what's playing out in my head right now. I've been accused of being negative before in relation to wrestling, but I think I'm just a realist.

    By all means, I invite them to prove me wrong. I'll own it if this match is great, or at least entertaining, and I look like a total jerk. But right now, that doesn't seem all that likely. Brock will win, because this rather interesting "We're Losing Cena" story must continue. Also, returning top stars generally get a win or two. The current Cena story is actually quite good. Hopefully, the storylines both men are respectively involved in will vastly improve once their feud is over.

    Geddy's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    Dave Scott: I think this one is the hardest to predict. On one hand, you've got Brock who has just came back and obviously WWE will be wanting to push him to a position of complete dominance. On the other hand, Cena lost to The Rock at WrestleMania and I don't think there has ever been an occurrence of Cena getting beat by two different opponents one after the other. Also, with Brock's ridiculous demands coming into play if he wins, that then makes me think that Cena will pull off the victory. But with me being so adamant that Cena would beat The Rock, I'm going to go with Brock for the victory.

    Dave's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    Adam Behan: Here we go, a match that hasn't happened yet this year and has a build up. John Cena cannot win here. Lesnar has returned to a one year contract and I see that in the entire year, he will be unstoppable. Storylines lately suggest to me that Cena's losing streak will be continued on as the loss to The Rock was so effective that he hasn't been able to bound back. Lesnar, no matter what shape he is in, will win with the F-5.

    Adam's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    George Cushnie: Lesnar’s back, baby! I never thought I’d see him in WWE again, even when he left UFC. For me, this is the easiest match on the entire card to call. WWE is NOT going to bring Lesnar back to have him job to the leader of the Fruity Pebble Brigade, John Cena.

    Lesnar isn’t there to make friends. He’s there to make money. He’s an ass-kicker. His first “official” night on Raw, he legit busted Cena’s mouth open with a right hand. I LOVED that segment; I just wish the crowd was a little more hot for it than they were.

    The Chicago crowd will be solidly behind Lesnar here and I don’t expect Lesnar to lose until WrestleMania 29. That means that Mr. Kung-Pao Chicken will lose at his second straight PPV for the first time in years.

    It’s clear that, whatever Cena does with his current gimmick, at least 50% of the crowd are against him. If I were WWE, I would use this match as a way to write Cena off TV for an extended period of time. I’m talking at least 2-3 months.

    That’s not because I dislike John Cena. It’s because his character is more stale and bland than it’s ever been. John’s body’s got to be beaten up pretty badly and I think he could do with a rest. Deep down, John probably thinks that too, but he’s too proud to say it. I’d use his 2-3 months off to come up with something fresh for John to return with. If it’s a fully-fledged heel turn, awesome! If not, then at least come back with something that’s a little different.

    All of the great champions of the past, whether it was Undertaker, Savage, Hogan, Austin, Rock, HHH, or HBK, have all been able to continually re-invent themselves. John hasn’t done that. All he’s done is re-invent the color of his T-shirts. For John to be considered amongst the “elite”, he needs to do that.

    Getting an ass-kicking from Lesnar won’t do John any harm in the long-run. He’s too well-established for that to happen.

    George's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    Liam Hindmarsh: Lesnar has been pretty much solid since he returned to the WWE. The video promo/package that was shown at the UK Raw was especially fantastic. The contract signing on Raw this week was okay for the most part, albeit a little long. I think most people were hoping for a brawl to end Raw last week. You've seen it once two week ago, If you want to see it again, you need to order the PPV. Hey, it’s almost as if WWE planned that.

    Brock is hot right now and he hasn’t wrestled in years. He has a lot of momentum behind him which I don’t see any reason for halting. Then again, Cena lost at WrestleMania. Is it feasible that John Cena loses at two straight PPVs? Damn, I don’t even remember Cena losing 2 PPV matches in a whole year, never mind consecutively. How long will this feud last? I can easily see it going for another month. Lesnar needs to be kept with the major players to keep himself hot and to freshen up the main event scene.

    I expect the fans will be getting behind Lesnar. Cena will get his typical mixed reaction but it won't be on the level he received the last PPV in Chicago. As for the match, this will no doubt be the main event so it is likely to get 20 plus minutes. As for weapons, I don’t expect to see too many. Maybe the standard steel steps, chairs, and kendo sticks. Perhaps Cena will even be wearing the chain as he was at Raw and attempt to use it. As for the winner, I see nothing else other than a Brock Lesnar victory.

    Liam's Pick: Brock Lesnar

    Gregory Bitetzakis: As much as I hate to say it, Brock Lesnar did not come back to right away lose to John Cena. What will most likely happen is that Lesnar destroys Cena, maybe having him not be able to continue, and this feud continues for a while. Bottom Line is for now, Lesnar has to win and will win.

    Gregory's Pick: Brock Lesnar

Bonus Questions

8 of 8

    As always, here are some bonus questions for our readers:


    Which match would you have added to the card?

    Eric Kanes: Primo & Epico vs. The Usos vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler in a Fatal Four Way ladder match. This would be a great match that could easily hit the four star mark and one that would put the tag titles over huge. Of course though, nobody wants to see that. People only want to see a bunch of No DQ matches with different names.

    Geddy Cahoon: They've been making such a big deal about Laurinaitis implementing all of this new talent on to the SmackDown roster. Something with Cesaro, or O'Neil and Young, or Ryback. SmackDown is flooded with new talent to the point that it's almost like televised developmental. Use some of them if you're going to shove them in our faces. Alternately, something with American Perfection. What the f*ck happened to Swags and Ziggler? They go from being upper midcarders, to feuding with Brodus Clay in the goddamn Doritos Invitational. It's ridiculous.

    Dave Scott: Feel like I say this every month. Tag title match, do something with them for god's sake! It isn't too hard to throw together a tag team feud to be honest, just wish WWE would realize that.

    Adam Behan: I will go with Lord Tensai vs. The Great Khali. Lord Tensai is looking to get pushed and be huge for the WWE so you need to show how dominant he is on PPV. The Great Khali has just flailed around since returning and looked ok at best. If Tensai could defeat Khali in quick, convincing fashion, I think I could handle it and it would help the cause of Raw.

    George Cushnie: Apart from Santino/Miz, the tag-team titles!! How many times do we have to say it? WWE wants people to “invest” in their talent, but they don’t give them the chance to connect with the audience.

    If you ever needed proof that WWE couldn’t care less about the tag-titles, just take a look at how they’ve been booked in the last two weeks. April 16—squashed by Big Show and Great Khali. April 23—beaten by team CoBro (Santino & Ryder). It’s a shame because I think that the tag-teams they do have, like Primo & Epico, The Usos, and Hawkins & Reks are all loaded with potential. WWE just doesn’t care.

    While I’m at it, why aren’t Dolph Ziggler and/or Jack Swagger on this PPV? They’re two of the best wrestlers in the company and they can’t get on a B-list PPV? It’s an insult to their talent.

    Liam Hindmarsh: It seems like I’m saying this every month now but the tag team champions need to be on the show. They shouldn’t be losing matches on TV every week and they need to featured a lot more than they are. I don’t even care who they face, just put a random team together and give them a shot on PPV. I loved tag team wrestling when it was hot and I so wish we could see those days again when the tag division was so vibrant with young, fresh, hungry stars who were working so hard.

    Gregory Bitetzakis: I would have liked to see a tag match but in regards to a singles match, I would have liked to see Dolph vs. someone, hmm how about Kofi or R-Truth, these guys should be on the card somewhere.


    Do you think John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar can top John Cena vs. The Rock?

    Eric Kanes: In terms of hype, no. In terms of match quality, I very well expect it to.

    Geddy Cahoon: Nope. At least not at Extreme Rules. It's going to be a gimmicky match between Cena and a clearly out of shape Lesnar. Not that it won't be entertaining, but due to the gimmicky nature of the pay per view as a whole, and Brock Lesnar's lack of speaking ability (the guy can't cut a promo to save his life, and if you think otherwise, you are an idiot and an embarrassment to the parents who birthed you), there's no way this specific match can match the grandeur of Rock/Cena. Perhaps if the feud continues, but right now it's just...Not there. As long as it furthers the current "We're losing Cena" storyline, it'll be acceptable.

    Dave Scott: I don't think you can really compare the two with this match being an Extreme Rules match. This match is going to be an all out brawl. I doubt there will be much wrestling involved as they will be trying to showcase Lesnar as more of a fighter than a wrestler. Also, as big as Lesnar is, he isn't The Rock and Extreme Rules isn't WrestleMania. So my answer is no, it will not top Rock vs Cena.

    Adam Behan: I actually think Lesnar/Cena will be better than Rock/Cena. The match at WrestleMania was over hyped, under delivered, and just too little for a year build. However, in one night on Raw, Lesnar punched Cena in the mouth and made him bleed. That there says to me that this will be physical and hard performed considering a three week hype. Lesnar's condition is another thing but we will see.

    George Cushnie: No. It’s not as mainstream as Cena/Rock was. In terms of the crowd heat and the actual working of the match, I think it’ll be fairly decent, but for me, it’s not as much of a deal as Cena/Rock was. Having said that, I think this match will have a greater long-term effect on WWE than Cena/Rock did.

    Liam Hindmarsh: The match against The Rock divided opinions. I thought it was an excellent match. I think this match will be less technical and may rely more on the “Extreme Rules” factor. I don’t think it will top Cena/Rock from WrestleMania. It does, however, have the potential to be a very good match. My only issue would be regarding Brock being a little rusty, having been away for so long.

    Gregory Bitetzakis: Let me tell you, as a wrestling match I did not think much of Rock/Cena. But Brock/Cena will be a brawl so in terms of destruction and havoc, Lesnar/Cena will have more but the story of Rock/Cena was epic and nothing can beat that build-up.


    Who should Brock Lesnar feud with after John Cena?

    Eric Kanes: Here's what I'd do—have him defeat John Cena twice leading to John Cena moving to SmackDown and continuing the losing streak before going apesh*t and turning heel. Have Brock Lesnar move on to a feud with CM Punk and have him win the WWE title. Have him remain undefeated for the rest of the year, defeating the likes of Randy Orton, Triple H, and maybe even The Rock at various pay-per-views.

    Once Royal Rumble season comes, have somebody like Daniel Bryan (as a face, of course) win the Royal Rumble match and be forced to choose to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Brock ridicules him and beats him down every week until the PPV, where Bryan pulls out an upset after a 20 minute technically sound match and becomes a star. That would be a good way to take advantage of Lesnar's time there and use an old star to create a new one. Doubt it'll happen but one can hope, right? 

    Geddy Cahoon: Word on the proverbial street is that they're looking towards Lesnar/Orton at some point in the very near future. I'm actually excited for that prospect. I kind of hate Randy Orton, but it would be a refreshing feud, and if Lesnar gets in shape, he could conceivably pull a decent match or two out of Randy. I would suggest HHH, but his match with Taker at 'Mania should definitely be his last. He's never going to top that. Also, a Lesnar/Sheamus feud would be kind of awesome.

    Dave Scott: I think there are a lot of good opponents out there for Lesnar. Rumors of Randy Orton have been emerging, but I think Sheamus would be a great opponent because Sheamus is one of the few guys on the roster that looks like he could stand his own in a fight against Lesnar.

    Adam Behan: Randy Orton by far. Randy has been just floating around in nothing rivalries for months and months. With Lesnar back, you have an animal vs. the viper, heel vs. face, and an ass kicker vs. a head kicker. Makes for an exciting headliner at SummerSlam for me.

    George Cushnie: Only one man he can feud with in my opinion—Triple H. The scene’s already written. Lesnar’s got Laurinaitis over a barrel with his “demands”. Johnny keeps bowing to Lesnar. HHH comes out and tells him that’s enough and he’ll take care of Lesnar. Job done.

    Liam Hindmarsh: I would imagine he would remain on Raw. I doubt we’ll see him on SmackDown any time soon. I think this feud with Cena will probably last maybe one or two more months. I think the next step for Lesnar would be the WWE Championship. I don’t have an exact name but I would say when the feud with Cena ends, he will feud with whoever is the current WWE champion.

    Gregory Bitetzakis: I want him to finish with Undertaker but Randy Orton would be a nice feud for him. Orton is over, credible, and it's an original feud so let's see it.


    That's all for today, folks. Make sure to leave us feedback to let us know what you think. Until next time, I'm out!

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