Blue Jackets-Red Wings: Rick Nash Gets the Hat Trick

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

So the Wings come into town on a snowy, icy night.
It took a while to get there… I missed a bit of the first.
They weren’t really dictating the pace of this game, it was really back and forth.
After driving through the grass behind a cement wall on 71 to get past a merging cluster $%^&—don’t tell anyone; there were others that did it too—anyway, after the driving fiasco, I got to the game.

Nash was huge tonight—four points and a hat trick. I was amazed. The guys seemed fragile under the Wings’ pressure at times, but they skated away allowing Detroit only one point. So we move up in the world for now.

I’m still not going to get over my head like some other media—eh hem. They did all right tonight.

I think the Chimera at center experiment didn’t work too well. That line just didn’t seem right together. Please add updates as necessary—but Nash dominated tonight, enough said.

Oh and I forgot my camera, was going to post some videos and tonight would’ve been great. Dang it! Maybe next time…