2012 NFL Draft Results: The 5 Biggest Mistakes of Rounds 4-7

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIApril 28, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Results: The 5 Biggest Mistakes of Rounds 4-7

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    What a wild weekend this has been, right? 

    I'd say that the 2012 NFL draft was definitely one of the more exciting ones in recent memory as we saw a plethora of trades in the first round, a punter being drafted in the third round and now a pretty interesting final day with rounds four through seven. 

    With that being said, let's take a look back and analyze the selections on Day 3 and look at the five biggest mistakes. 

The Washington Redskins Draft Kirk Cousins

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    The Washington Redskins already have Robert Griffin III as their quarterback of the future so why in the world would they draft their backup quarterback of the future with the seventh pick in the fourth round—really?

    Cousins is very talented quarterback that has a ton of potential but for the Redskins, he doesn't fit at all. 

    Finding a backup quarterback is what free agency is for or the very later rounds of the draft, not wasting a fourth-round pick on one. 

Passing on Orson Charles

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    With the NFL going towards an offensive system structured around athletic tight ends, I am shocked to see Orson Charles going in the fourth round—I had him as a second- to third-round talent. 

    Charles isn't a typical tight end, as he's more of an H-back or a Z, but that makes him more valuable as he's such a mismatch problem for opposing defenses due to his tight end size but his wide receiver-type athleticism. 

    With that being said, the Cincinnati Bengals got quite the value with their No. 116 selection. 

The Chicago Bears Passing on Orson Charles

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    The Chicago Bears drafting tight end Evan Rodriguez with the 16th overall pick in the fourth round was a wasted pick if you ask me.

    I had Rodriguez going in the sixth to seventh round, not as high as the fourth.

    When the Bears drafted Rodriquez, Georgia's Orson Charles was still on the board and he much more talented and has much more upside than Rodriquez. 

Passing on Zebrie Sanders

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    There is no reason why Zebrie Sanders should have been still on the board in the fifth round. 

    Sanders was one of the better offensive tackles available heading into Day 3, and I actually had him rated as second- to third-round talent, not fifth round. 

    The Buffalo Bills got quite the steal when they selected Sanders with the ninth overall pick in the fifth round as teams like the New York Giants decided to draft offensive tackle Brandon Mosley ahead of the Florida State product. 

Passing on Jared Crick

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    This was one of the better value picks of Day 3 as the Houston Texans stole Nebraska defensive end Jared Crick with the No. 31 overall pick in the fourth round.

    I realize that Crick was sidelined for the majority of 2011 with a torn pectoral muscle, but I still believe that he could develop into quite the defensive end for the Texans.

    If you ask me, there is no reason why Crick should have been around in the fourth round as I have him rated as second- to third-round talent.