Regression: An Eagle Tradition?

Green WingsContributor IJanuary 27, 2009


It seems every Philadelphia Eagle season is a roller coaster ride of emotions that would stir the city into either chaos or unity in green. Ever since that infamous draft day where Donovan McNabb was booed, to the Super Bowl run in '04, the ride has been both encouraging to heartbreaking.

Why is it that every time the Philadelphia Eagles make it to the "Big Dance," that somehow they regress into a team that played in the preseason? A missed tackle, a bad read, a bad play call, or maybe just bad execution. It always results to that heartbreaking elimination loss that we dread. The dream crumbles right before our very eyes. Games are lost by the inches.

What needs to be done? I don't care as long as the team gets it done.

The offseason, again, arrived a couple of weeks too early. When will the heartaches end? Will players such as Dawkins, Runyan, Tra Thomas, Westbrook, McNabb, and Sheldon Brown ever win a Super Bowl? These players have put in blood, sweat, and tears over the years. Most of them are about to move on, such as Sheppard, and possibly Buckhalter.

The time is now. The front office needs to invest on more quality players—$45 million under the cap, great job!

Do not let the players mentioned above retire without THE ring. A running back here, a tight end there, or a receiver here, and defensive end there; whatever the changes may be, I hope it finally pushes the Birds over the hump and they finally hoist that coveted Lombardi Trophy that has eluded us for years.