QB Nick Foles Is Philadelphia Eagles' First Mistake of 2012 Draft

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IApril 28, 2012

Nick Foles made no sense
Nick Foles made no senseChristian Petersen/Getty Images

This article is not a knock on Nick Foles.  He may develop into a solid NFL quarterback today.  It doesn't matter because picking him in the third round was a mistake.

The Eagles still have other needs, like offensive line depth.  While their starting five looks solid, an injury on the line would devastate this team and keeping Michael Vick upright should be a priority.

They also could use help at safety and outside linebacker, or perhaps draft a young running back to spell McCoy.  There are a lot of options, and a quarterback was low on the list.

I knew they would take a quarterback at some point because they only have Mike Kafka and Trent Edwards.  However, this team needs a solid backup quarterback and as a rookie, Foles does not fit that description.  The odds are he is the third-string quarterback this season, which still leaves the team without a backup.

Colt McCoy is available and the Eagles should have traded a late-round pick for him.  Bringing McCoy in would have made a lot of sense.  He is still young, he has NFL experience and would be an excellent backup to Michael Vick.  If they traded for McCoy, it would have allowed them to use the third-round pick elsewhere and address a bigger need.

The reality is the Eagles backup QB problem needs to be solved by a veteran in free agency, not a rookie.  Foles does not solve the problem, and while he might develop into a decent quarterback someday, I don't like the pick.

The Eagles have not done well in the third round in the past; Brian Westbrook is the only good third-round pick in recent memory.  I think that streak continued, as they missed a chance to fill a need and get better by taking Foles.  This team has to decide whether they are trying to win now or in the future.  Their first couple of picks seemed like win-now picks, which makes taking Foles even more puzzling.

I never thought I would have this complaint with Andy Reid drafting, but where are the offensive lineman, Andy?