WWE Fantasy: The Civil War for Control

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIApril 29, 2012

(For the record, I'm with Lil Jimmy.)
(For the record, I'm with Lil Jimmy.)

This is a fictional storyline idea I had, for the ending of Extreme Rules. It's something of a cursory glance over the entire thing. For any specifics, leave a comment and I'll try and explain it better. Because I don't remember all of the details about Lesnar and his demands on the last RAW, let's take a page from the WWE and forget those happened. (Considering that promo, I can't see too much opposition on that idea.)

So, taking a look into the crystal ball of the WWE, there are many ways they can go depending on who wins the main-event of Extreme Rules. I, personally, find one way they could go about it very entertaining and it's a somewhat simple storyline idea, but one I think would serve to help garner more interest in the WWE from the fans and perhaps even mainstream America.

Let us just say, for sake of the story, that after a hard fought battle, John Cena picks up the victory over Brock Lesnar. Now, what does this mean for all parties involved? Well, it serves as a pick-me-up for WWEs favorite Superstar John Cena, but it also serves to show that Johnny Ace may not be as powerful as he thought he was at the end of WrestleMania. This would be further demonstrated by the victory over the rebellious WWE Champion; CM Punk over an Ace-backed Chris Jericho.

With that, I see the next RAW opening with a promo by John Cena over his victory over Brock and his new target. The WWE Championship. Of course, that would be kind of cool, if it weren't for the fact Johnny Ace doesn't like the sound of that, and as such has his men (let's say Jericho, Lesnar, and Otunga,) hit the ring and take down Cena. Whoever should be the one to save the leader of the CeNation? Why the WWE and United States Champions of course, with steel chairs in hand.

Now, at this point, I think it should be made apparent, (via backstage promo,) that things aren't going the way Johnny planned, leading to a his booking of a six man tag match for the main-event of that RAW, with the rest of the show beginning to show some descent in the locker room between the superstars for and against "People Power." Matches for the night could include:

  • Zig-Swag (Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler) vs. The Hip-Hop Express (R-Truth and Kofi Kingston)
  • Mark Henry vs. Khali
  • Alicia Fox vs. Eve
  • Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton and Big Show

All leading up to the main-event, which ends in a double count-out/arena brawl, (think of how RAW ends before The Royal Rumble,) with Johnny starting to lose his cool as things start to fall apart.

Fast forward to SmackDown, where Johnny is wanting to take his frustrations out on Teddy as usual. This leads to a match where Teddy gets a one-on-one match with Antonio Cesaro; a new member of Ace's army later in the night (This is done to help get some heat on Cesaro early.) Throughout the night, some shenanigans go on to help get even more heat on Johnny and also draw the ire of more superstars, including but not limited to:

  • Helping Heath Slater go over Justin Gabriel.
  • Putting Hornswoggle in a handicap match against Zig-Swag (and there will be no run-in.)
  • A screw-jobish finish to an Orton/Bryan match whereby, Bryan gets a submission "victory."
  • Santino dropping the U.S. Title to David Otunga after interference from Mark Henry.
  • Having Ryback face the WWE Tag Team Champions (though Ryback would still get the victory here.)

This culminates in the main-event where it looks like Antonio is about to destroy Teddy. After a few minutes of bullying the old man, the match is stopped as Ryback makes the save for Teddy. (This is done to help get Ryback over as a face more.)

Following this, we get back to RAW where Johnny Ace is in the ring with Cesaro (taking Brock's place, for the moment,) Otunga, Henry, Eve, The Miz, Zig-Swag, Jericho, and Daniel Bryan, demands that several of the superstars he's screwed come out. Led by John Cena we have Punk, Sheamus, Ryder, R-Truth, Santino, Orton, and even Ryback.

Johnny claims he doesn't get why the faces are so upset and rebellious, but promises that he's going to put an end to all of the dissension one way or another. This causes Punk to speak out that it's going to end as soon as "People Power" comes to an end. This prompts Jericho to speak up, and tell Punk to watch his mouth, and following Jericho in this chain reaction, Orton chimes in for Jericho to shut up before he punts him back to Dancing with The Stars again, and to end the segment we get some mic work from Daniel Bryan, who gloats over "making Orton tap out." In a fashion typical of Teddy Long, John makes a tag team main-event. Y2J and Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and Randy Orton.

Aside from that, he also states he hasn't forgotten about Rybacks' stunt last Friday, and puts him in a match against Antonio Cesaro. Before the segment cuts to an end though, Johnny says he has a surprise for R-Truth and tells him he needs to watch his back, before he "Gets got." Afterwards, we cut to a segment backstage where Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are assaulting Kofi, prompting Truth and Cena to run to his aid, (Ace having told Santino, Sheamus, and Ryder they have a match against Otunga, Henry and The Miz next.)

Cena and Truth manage to chase off Young and O'Neil but the damage is done, with Cena saying he's gonna make those two pay, and Truth saying they'll get got.

The night, for the most part, is a demonstration in just how far reaching and far-dividing the situation has become, affecting both the Divas, Tag Teams, mid-card, lower-card, and main-event scenes.

There's more to this saga than the week and a half I've planned out so far, but I'm interested in what you, the audience thinks about the storyline so far? Anything in particular you think will happen? Anything in particular you think should happen?

The storyline will have a lot of twists and turns. Unexpected and expected heel/face turns will happen, some new stars will debut (including Lil Jimmy. I have a superstar in mind), some names will even be returning to help turn the tide of the war for one side.

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