2012 NFL Draft: Michigan Nose Tackle Mike Martin Selected by Tennessee Titans

Nick HeebshCorrespondent IIApril 28, 2012

#68 Mike Martin
#68 Mike Martin

Nose tackle Mike Martin was an integral part of Michigan's defensive success in 2011. Along with talented players like Ryan Van Bergen, Jordan Kovacs and Kenny Demens, Martin had a huge impact on defense.

He occupied multiple offensive linemen, leaving the defensive ends and linebackers largely untouched, and allowed them to stop the run or get to the quarterback. He also managed to get to the quarterback six times during his Michigan career.

Martin was selected in the third round (82nd overall) by the Tennessee Titans. In my opinion, Martin is a steal for the Titans. He will be a surprise talent in the NFL. He could have easily gone in the second.

I believe he will fit in very well with the Titans' defense. The Titans are pretty solid defensively, but apart from Karl Klug, who had seven sacks last year, they seem to be sacking by committee. With Martin occupying the offensive line, some other players on the roster could emerge as more prolific pass-rushers.

All-in-all it was a good selection. Martin was a force at Michigan and would have been great anywhere in the NFL. The Titans were very fortunate and wise to land this Michigan man.