The 10 Best Fight Shorts in UFC History

Matt MelbyeCorrespondent IApril 28, 2012

The 10 Best Fight Shorts in UFC History

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    In the early years of mixed martial arts, sponsorships were a rare thing. And in most cases fighters had only one sponsor.

    This seemed to help me remember fighters early on in my MMA awakening. It was very common for a fighter to have signature shorts.

    Nowadays we see shorts tagged with multiple logos and colors. It is kind of sad to see this aspect of MMA fade away, so here is a flash back to the golden years of shorts.

    Can you match the fighter with the shorts?

10. The Red and Black Death Clutch

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    He wasn't around long, but he fashioned these shorts and similar ones in every fight of his UFC career.

    The shorts themselves may not have stuck out you as his body overshadowed them. These belong to the former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar.

    These solid Death Clutch shorts come in at No. 10.

9. Tapout Camo Trunks

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    These shorts were worn by one of the UFC's greatest fighters. The camo was an accurate representation of his mentality.

    He had the attitude of a soldier, as he bullied and broke the will of his opponents.

    Coming in at No. 9 is the shorts of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes.

8. The White Bad Boys

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    Few fighters are courageous enough to wear the Vale Tudo style shorts today.

    But this man needs them to effectively unleash his devastating muay Thai kicks and knees.

    These are the signature shorts of former UFC light heavyweight champion and Pride star Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

7. RVCA Black Belt Shorts

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    This one is a dead giveaway as it says BJ Penn right on the belt.

    Most everyone associates RVCA with BJ, and he is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, so it is not false advertising.

    A legendary fighter can make the most basic of shorts look awesome.

6. Black Wrestling Tights

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    Who doesn't love black wrestling tights right? I would say most men don't.

    If you are one of those, I wouldn't tell Dan Severn, because he would probably lock you in the Beast Choker.

    He wins the award for wearing the least amount of fabric per body surface area, and the UFC legend kicked butt in doing so. 

5. Bumble Bee Tapout Shorts

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    Yellow is the color for warning, and in the same way bumble bees use it, this man does too.

    His opponents feel a little threatened once these shorts enter the Octagon because they know who's in them.

    These shorts belong to the pound-for-pound king of MMA, Anderson Silva.

4. The Pink and Brown American Fighter

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    These shorts make No. 4 on the list because everyone knows who wears them.

    Former UFC middleweight champ Rich Franklin has worn these shorts more times in the UFC than most fighters ever fight.

    These shorts perfectly represent the two very different sides of Rich. One as a high school math teacher, and one as a world champion mixed martial artist.

3. Punishment Flame Shorts

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    This is also a no-brainer if you are a UFC diehard. This man actually made his professional MMA debut in the UFC.

    Tito Ortiz will always be attached to these shorts in the minds of UFC historians, as he won and then defended the UFC light heavyweight belt five times in the early years of the organization.

2. Iceman

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    How many guys actually have the shorts to match their nickname? "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell was the counter to Tito's flame.

    It was only fitting that the biggest rivalry in the UFC were between two fighters with opposite elements on their shorts.

    Apparently ice beats fire in the Octagon though.

1. The Checkers

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    Don't fear the checkers. Oh, and also the left leg. This is what the opponents of this man would tell themselves right before the fight.

    Who can picture Mirko Cro Cop wearing anything else besides these shorts? If I picture him at a grocery store, he is wearing these shorts.

    He wears them when he sleeps, he wears them at church, and wears them while he reads this slideshow. Thanks for reading Mirko!