Green Bay Packers: Final Analysis of the 2012 Draft Selections

Adam Bayer@ABayer2Contributor IIIApril 28, 2012

Green Bay Packers: Final Analysis of the 2012 Draft Selections

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    Well, three rounds are in the books, and the draft has been crazy to say the least. If you guessed Bruce Irvin would go 15th overall to Seattle, get yourself to Las Vegas now.

    The Packers entered this draft with the focus on defense, and they addressed the positions they needed. The board may have fallen a little bit different than every single mock drafter had predicted, but in my opinion, the draft has been phenomenal for Ted Thompson once again.

    The Packers have seven selections left in the final four rounds, but the rest of the way should be luxury picks.

    The term "the rich get richer" will definitely come to fruition when Green Bay hits the clock tomorrow morning.

Round 1 Pick No. 28: OLB Nick Perry (USC)

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    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 270 pounds

    Combine Results

    40 yard dash: 4.63 seconds

    Arm Length: 35 inches

    The Packers' biggest need was arguably at outside linebacker, and they addressed that need in Round 1 with USC defensive end Nick Perry.

    At first glance, I was on the fence with this pick. The main sticking point for me was the fact that he wanted to play 4-3 defensive end, but with his post-draft comments, I think he will be just fine at outside linebacker.

    I am starting to warm up to this pick. Perry definitely has the speed to be an effective pass-rusher along with the ability to drop into coverage.

    He has the strength to set the edge in the run game and has a vast array of pass rush moves to make him an effective edge rusher.

    His weaknesses are slight, with the main one being the fact that he struggles in tight spaces. With his move to outside linebacker, this problem would become less relevant.

    The Packers got good value along with filling a need with an excellent pass-rusher.

    GRADE: A-


Round 2 Pick No. 51 (From Philadelphia): DE Jerel Worthy (Michigan State)

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    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 308 pounds

    Combine Results

    40 YD Dash: 5.08 seconds

    Arm Length: 33 inches

    Ted Thompson does it again. He finds a player he wants and gets him. The Packers traded up from pick No. 59 to pick No. 51 by giving Philadelphia their second round pick and a fourth round pick (123). Then they selected Michigan State defensive tackle Jerel Worthy.

    On film, Worthy jumps off the TV screen at times. He is an absolute beast on the defensive line, capable of destroying offensive linemen and getting into the backfield.

    The big knock on Worthy is that he doesn't always give 100 percent. At times, he destroys plays or disappears. If the Packers can get 100 percent out of him all the time, he could be one of the best defensive linemen coming out of this draft.

    Ted Thompson added two players that fill two needs while still sticking to his guns.

    GRADE: A-


Round 2 Pick No. 62: CB/S Casey Hayward (Vanderbilt)

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    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 185 pounds

    Combine Results

    40 YD Dash: 4.57 seconds

    Vertical: 34 inches

    It is official: Ted Thompson is a genius. Not only did he fill two glaring needs at linebacker and defensive end, he jumped up again in Round 2 to grab another need that was also a best player available. And I absolutely love this pick.

    Mike Mayock has stated that Hayward has the best pure instincts of any cornerback other than Morris Claiborne, and that is huge for Green Bay.

    Hayward has the versatility to play corner and possibly safety if the Packers fail to get one tomorrow. He has a minor knock in that he doesn't react quickly enough, but he compensates for it with pure speed.

    This is definitely my favorite pick so far.

    Based on need and scheme versatility and the fact that Ted Thompson did not trade much to get Casey Hayward, this is an amazing selection.

    GRADE: A+


Round 4 Pick No. 132- DE Mike Daniels (Iowa)

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    Height: 6'

    Weight: 290 lbs

    Combine Results

    No Combine due to injury  

    This defense is now loaded with some guys that can get to the quarterback. After adding Nick Perry on Thursday and Jerel Worthy on Friday, the pass rush got a much needed boost.

    And now after adding the short, yet explosive Mike Daniels from Iowa, the defense should turn the corner.

    Daniels may never be more than a rotational defensive end, he brings a high motor and relentlessness to the defense.

    GRADE: B

Round 4 Pick No. 133- S Jerron McMillian (Maine)

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    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 205 lbs

    Combine Results

    40 YD Dash: 4.42 seconds

    Arm Length: 31 inches

    Vertical: 36.5 inches

    The Packers finally addressed a major need in the secondary. They cut Nick Collins last week, creating a huge void in the secondary and I think McMillian can come in and win the job.

    He is a hard-hitting, sure-tackler and the secondary was horrible at tackling last year.

    Being a small-school prospect, McMillian may have flown under the radar a little bit. Ted Thompson loves his small school guys because they come in with a chip on their shoulder already.

    Let's not forget, Nick Collins was a small-school guy coming from Bethune-Cookman.

    Let's hope that McMillian is the same type of learner.

    GRADE: B+

Round 5 Pick No. 163 (Via Packers, from Patriots)- LB Terrell Manning (NC State)

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    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 237 lbs

    Combine Results

    40 YD Dash: 4.63 seconds  

    Arm Length: 32 1/4 inches

    I do not understand this pick at all. Not only are the Packers pretty deep at inside linebacker, they traded three valuable picks to move up and grab the oft-injured Manning.

    The Packers need depth at quarterback, center, tackle and runningback and now only have two seventh round picks left.

    While Manning was a productive player at NC State, he is always in the doctors office and let's face it, the Packers are stacked at inside linebacker with Desmond Bishop, A.J. Hawk, D.J. Smith and Robert Francois.

    The only way this works, is if he beats A.J. Hawk for the starting spot, which may not be that tough.

    GRADE: D

Round 7 Pick No. 241- OT Andrew Datko (Florida State)

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    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 320 lbs

    Like this pick for Ted Thompson and the Packers. Great value by getting a guy that was an early third rounder here in round seven.

    Durability is a concern for Datko, as he missed 11 games in 2011 with shoulder injury. If he can be healthy, he could be a huge steal as Datko has the ability to play the left side.

    After cutting Chad Clifton and Derek Sherrod's leg injury, Datko presents depth and quality on the offensive line.

    GRADE: B-

Round 7 Pick No. 243- QB B.J. Coleman (Tennessee-Chattanooga)

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    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 233 lbs

    The Packers needed a prospect to battle with Graham Harrell for the backup job and they get one here in round seven.

    Coleman is a big guy and an intriguing developmental prospect that Mike McCarthy loves to send through his quarterback school.

    GRADE: B

Draft Overview

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    This picture sums up the Packers 2012 draft. Thumbs Up.


    Ted Thompson and the Packers did a superb job of addressing the major needs for this team: DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE.

    Six of the eight Packers actual draft selections were on the defensive side of the ball with Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy and Casey Hayward headlining the weekend.

    Perry seems like the answer at left outside linebacker opposite Clay Matthews, Jerel Worthy may be the next big thing on the defensive line, and Casey Hayward is a cerebral, athletic corner that should contribute his rookie year.

    The Packers also added some depth at the tackle position with Florida States Andrew Datko, who could be a steal if he gets healthy.

    BJ Coleman was drafted in round seven to battle with Graham Harrell for Matt Flynn's old job behind Aaron Rodgers.


    The Packers grade out as a B+ for me, and one factor was the three pick trade to get an ILB in Terrell Manning. I do not understand it, based on the fact that the Packers are log-jammed at ILB already along with trading three valuable picks for a backup at best. Manning also has injury issues in his knees.

    The Packers missed the mark with the Manning trade based on one factor: they failed to address two positions of lesser need at center and runningback. People will scream that the Packers don't need a runningback, and I disagree.

    James Starks is a questionable RB, Alex Green is coming of a knee surgery and Brandon Saine is a third down back. With Robert Turbin, Chris Rainey, David Molk, Bryce Brown and countless others available after the Manning trade, I don't see the value there.

    With that said, the Packers took monumental leaps forward on a defensive standpoint. They addressed the three major needs in linebacker, defensive end and secondary needs.

    At the end of the day, the grades of this draft won't show until the finished product hits the field.

    MY DRAFT GRADE: B+/A- depending on the placement of Terrell Manning and where he fits.