NFL Draft 2012: Janoris Jenkins and the Worst Picks of Second Round

NFL Draft 365Official AccountApril 27, 2012

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Janoris Jenkins entered the 2012 season with major character issues related to past arrests that greatly overshadowed his talent and prospects in the NFL. Jenkins ended up being selected in the second round by the St. Louis Rams, and according to Bleacher Report draft expert Matt Miller, it’s a bad choice that early because of his off-field issues. 

The New England Patriots surprised many by selecting a virtual unknown in Illinois safety Tavon Wilson. Wilson is definitely a stretch that early in the draft, and his selection is probably due to the fact that the safety position is very weak in this year's draft.

The signing of running back Brandon Jacobs by the San Francisco 49ers gave the organization three players who deserve touches at the position. The addition of another back, LaMichael James from Oregon, seems very questionable when the 49ers could have addressed another area of need.

Stayed tuned all weekend as Bleacher Report provides wall-to-wall coverage of the 2012 NFL draft. Matt Miller is live at Radio City Music Hall with all the news and analysis. 

Janoris Jenkins NFL Player Comparison Video

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