Dear B/R, I Think I've Had Enough....

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009

Dear B/R,

I think I've had enough.

Enough of what? I have had enough of the writer rankings and everything that comes with them.

I've been on B/R for about five months and I could not praise it enough, or its creators for that matter.

I think B/R is one of the most fantastic places for sports opinion and analysis. People like David Wunderlich who break down X's and O's like it is his job, and I think it should be.

Opinions like Bryn Swartz, It seems like he is writing a top ten list every week.

However, despite all my love for this site...there is one glaring weakness that prevents its perfection.

It is the writer rankings. Not just the rankings themselves, but how it affects what is written and how it is written.

We all know the most controversial articles get the most views and the most comments.

The most controversial articles are not always the best written articles.

The most controversial articles get the most matter what the quality of writing.

POTD's? Don't get me started on these. It seems like people give out a thousand votes a day.

I don't take them seriously because they are not always the highest quality of article on the site. How many times have you seen an F1 article as a POTD? Very seldom, and in my humble opinion I feel the most passionate and gifted writers hail from the F1 community.

The writer rankings are flawed...very flawed.

I hope he doesn't mind being an example, but L.J. Burgess is currently the 23rd ranked writer on the site.

The last article he wrote was five months ago. He was ranked 26th a week ago...

Not that L.J. isn't a great writer, I have read his past articles and he was fantastic.

I understand the rankings are more than just about how many articles you write...but moving past three of the best writers B/R has to offer by posting comments? Interesting...

Before I get into a super-rant mode, I will address my last problem with the writer rankings.

People leaving notes on profiles advertising their articles.

I realize I seem like a hypocrite because I posted this on many people's profile...I can explain myself.

People leave posts on profiles for exposure. This much is known.

However, the ulterior motives is not to gather the thoughts of other brilliant minds. It is to gain comments and reads.

To move up in the writer rankings.

I have told many people the only articles that should be advertised are the ones that you feel something for. The ones that you wrote out of pure passion. Not the 14th edition of a mock draft...

I posted this on profile's because it is a problem I have a passion to fix and I feel this article is a must read...I could care less about how many comments I get...I only want people to read and realize the problem.

For those of you reading this, I hope you realize that this site is not about a isn't about is about passions and putting together your opinions and defending them while supporting your differences with others.

I can't change the way things are...but If I can change one person...that is enough for me


David Arreola