WWE Extreme Rules: Jericho Will Prove Why He Is the Best in the World...Again

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Chris Jericho has shown everyone why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world time and time again. Jericho always pushes his opponents to the max and always demands perfection from his matches.

The Chicago street fight at Extreme Rules between CM Punk and Jericho will be no different.

Punk of course, has a huge advantage going into this match since he is the hometown favorite. The rivalry between these two could come to a end at Extreme Rules, and without a doubt, it is easy to see why CM Punk could come away with the win.

It seems like however, everyone has forgotten that this rivalry started off based on who was "the best in the world" and for Chris Jericho, he has that in spades.

Jericho has wrestled all over the world, held a title in Mexico, has been world heavy weight champion, and easily his most impressive feat was defeating both The Rock and Stone Cold to become the first undisputed champion.

This match between CM Punk and Jericho won’t be your average match though.  As mentioned before, it's going to be a Chicago street fight.  Punk himself has been ECW champion, and is no stranger to the "anything goes" type of match.

Jericho however has also been in some brutal matches.  One for example, was the Hell in a Cell match where he faced off against Triple H in 2002.  While Jericho did lose the match, it is important to remember that even though he seems like a rock and roll "pretty boy" Jericho can still go the limit, regardless of the match type.

Jericho also has a psychological advantage going into Extreme Rules.  For months now he has been attacking CM Punk both physically and mentally.  He has taunted Punk's family, and even his sobriety.  Now, it may seem like Punk hasn't been affected by Jericho's actions, pretending to be drunk on this week’s episode of Raw, but without a doubt Jericho has been one of the only wrestlers to get inside CM Punk's head.  Punk may very well go into this match at Extreme Rules over-confident and underestimate just how good Jericho is.

And if that happens, Jericho will undoubtedly show CM Punk and everyone else why he is the best in the world.

Who will show the WWE universe that they are "the best in the world" at Extreme Rules?  Comment below and share your opinion!