The Top 10 Reasons Manny Ramirez Remains Unsigned

Jeff FletcherContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

10. Still looking for that $15,000 diamond he lost while sliding into third on a rehab assignment.
9. Scott Boras still wants to swing deal for "Manny Being Manny" reality show.
8. Accidentally started complaining about his contract even before he signed.
7. Still looking for the right stylist to handle that 'do.
6. Show of solidarity with Jason Varitek.
5. Just realized that ITT Tech has over 100 campuses nationwide where he can train for an exciting new career.
4. Stuck in the batting cage when his pine-tar covered helmet got tangled in the netting.
3. In jail after another jaywalking offense.
2. Going on QVC to sell more household appliances.
1. Can't find a team other than the Red Sox with a bathroom in the left field fence.

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