"Larry" Who?

Joe JonesCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

The first order of business for whoever the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs will be is to get rid of Larry Johnson.

Johnson has never been a true Chief since he stepped foot off the bus. Yes, he has put up good numbers in the past few years, but he was far from being a leader.

Take Priest Holmes, Marcus Allen, or even Christian Okoye, and look at the difference in personalities. Their teammates respected them and followed them on the battlefield.

If you are going to play a prime position like running back, your performance needs to warrant the money. Johnson cried all the way to the bank. Like Dick Vermeil said, he never took off his diapers.

If the Chiefs are going to get to the promised land, they must bring in a real back that can handle the load on and off the field. Not one who just plays the role when it suits him.