2012 MLB Power Rankings: End of April

Kate ConroySenior Analyst IIApril 27, 2012

BALTIMORE, MD - APRIL 26:  Brian Matusz #17 of the Baltimore Orioles throws a pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays during a game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on April 26, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.  (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Wow. . .can you believe we are only a month into the 2012 MLB season? 

There have been ups and downs…

Numerous injuries to pitchers…

The witnessing of  historical feats, both good and bad…

And the too old playing like they are too young.

It has been insane.

Can’t think of a greater time to be a baseball fan.

1 Texas Rangers Keep on winning; took a series from Yankees. 
2 Los Angeles Dodgers Proving themselves, but real test this weekend.
3 St. Louis Cardinals World Champs still playing like World Champs.
4 New York Yankees Yankees bats and bullpen are still tops in the Bigs; starters 4.21 ERA is horrid.
5 Detroit Tigers Too bad Verlander can’t pitch everyday.
6 Tampa Bay Rays Swept the Halos with the shift and pitching well; 5-game winning streak.
7 Washington Nationals Feasting on bad teams in the NL; Strasburg has 1.08 ERA w/25 KOs.
8 Atlanta Braves Playing better and better with each passing day; contenders again.
9 Toronto Blue Jays Ahhh…the triple play drought from 1979 finally got broken. 
10 Arizona Diamondbacks Sooooo close…2nd most strikeouts in Bigs with 156.
11 Philadelphia Phillies Cliff Lee is on DL, but offense finally woke up. 
12 Los Angeles Angels  Albert Pujols is homer-less, but that can’t go on much longer.
13 San Francisco Giants The Freak is still a freak, & bats freaked out too. Huff having panic attacks.
14 Chicago White Sox Humber was perfect, and team is trying to follow his lead.
15 New York Mets Hey...3-games over .500, on a 3-game win streak…Mets fans will take it. Lead NL in 158 strikeouts and in walks with 75.
15 Boston Red Sox Not done just yet…won last 4-games in a row. Pitching still work-in-progress.
16 Baltimore Orioles Still in first place & on a 4-game winning streak; enjoy it for now O’s fans.
17 Miami Marlins Reyes went 1 for 12 in Queens; offensive is struggling & pitching just so-so.
18 Milwaukee Brewers Lead NL with 27 homers, but .237 BA is not good at all. 
19 Seattle Mariners Just swept the Tigers in Detroit.
20 Cincinnati Reds Have the hitting talent, but 14 homers is not going to cut it; baby steps.
22 Cleveland Indians .343 OBP is 4th best because Tribe has 97 walks, which is the best.
23 Colorado Rockies Have the most doubles in NL with 37, but hosting Mets, which could bump them closer to Dodgers. 
24 Oakland A's Bartolo Colon & pitching have 2.71 ERA and are 10-10. 
25 Pittsburgh Pirates  2.58 ERA is 2nd best in baseball but offense is pathetic with 38 RBIs.
26 Houston Astros Not in last place in NL Central; Martinez & Altuve = possible ROYs?
27 San Diego Padres .211 batting average is 2nd worst; starter have walked 86 batters.
28 Minnesota Twins Liriano stinks as staff has a 5.76 ERA. And 13 homers and 69 RBIs ain’t going to cut it M & M boys.
29 Chicago Cubs 7 homers is just unacceptable, and pitching has 4.37 ERA; Epstein has lots of unfinished work still. 
30 Kansas City Royals Finally broke 12-game losing streak, but still was too many in row.