NBA Playoffs 2012: Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Holly MacKenzieNBA Lead BloggerApril 27, 2012

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My prediction for this series comes with an asterisk attached. That asterisk should be attached to Derrick Rose’s ankle. If Rose is healthy, this is a series the Bulls should handle easily. If he’s not (and he hasn’t been for half of this condensed season), things could get interesting. 

Because the Bulls are a team that relies so heavily on its system (and are able to win without their reigning MVP because of that system), they are also a team that can find themselves in trouble when they struggle offensively. Outside of Rose, Richard Hamilton and Luol Deng, there isn’t a lot of perimeter scoring for Chicago. On the flip side, the Sixers have plenty of players salivating at the opportunity to put points on the board. 

On a night where the Bulls struggle to score, look for the Sixers to steal a game. Philadelphia wanted to play the Bulls in the first round instead of the Heat. That was a smart choice. Smart doesn’t always equal victories, though.

If we knew with certainty that Rose was healthy, I would have went with a Bulls sweep. Since that health has an asterisk beside it, Bulls in six. 


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