5 WWE Finishers That Shouldn't Result in a 3-Count

Max TowleAnalyst IApril 27, 2012

5 WWE Finishers That Shouldn't Result in a 3-Count

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    I have a feeling that this one's going to be controversial.

    The strength of a wrestler is often judged on how powerful his finishing move is.

    There are your Tombstones, your F-5's and your Pedigrees—WWE finishers that keep the opponent down for the count.

    Then there are the finishers that shouldn't even see a two-count.

    Here are the best of those...

    Or, the "worst."

The Cobra (Santino Marella)

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    Santino has been riding a wave of momentum in recent months.

    And it's been his finishing move, The Cobra, that's seen him win several high-profile matches, including the defense of his United States Championship.

    But it's basically a straight jab, isn't it?

    A jab that utilizes the almighty power of the proponent's fingers.

    Or are we supposed to believe that a powerful venom runs through the Italian Stallion's fingernails?

WMD (Big Show)

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    WMD, or "Weapon of Mass Destruction," makes the list for a slightly different reason.

    I have no doubt that one of Paul Wight's punches would knock me, or any other WWE fan, clean to the floor.

    My question is, why do Big Show's other punches do comparatively little damage?

    And if the Show knows he has the ability to knock his opponent out with one swing, surely he would come out swinging as soon as the bell rings?

The People's Elbow (The Rock)

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    Oh boy, Rock fans look away now.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm on my feet with every fan in the Arena when The Rock begins pulling off his elbow pad.

    I'm going wild as he hurdles his stunned opponent, running from rope to rope in the process.

    And my arms are raised like everyone else when he kicks his leg in the air, the momentum dropping an outstretched elbow into his victim.

    But it is just an elbow...

World's Strongest Slam (Mark Henry)

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    Now this move, I'm not a fan of.

    It's basically a glorified bodyslam that wouldn't look half as impressive if delivered by any other superstar on the roster.

    If Mark Henry is going to become a monster heel, as many thought he would before getting injured towards the end of last year, he'll need to unleash a new finishing move in the process.

    Maybe Abraham Washington can help him with that.

619 (Rey Mysterio)

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    Traditionally, the 619 has been one of the most popular finishing moves in the WWE.

    A popularity that matches that of its proponent, the high-flying Rey Mysterio.

    But, like "The People's Elbow," the 619 is based more on spectacle than on impact.

    But then again, try telling that to the countless number of guys who have been pinned as a result of it.