Why the Celtics Secret Weapon Gives Them the Edge in the East

Holly MacKenzieNBA Lead BloggerApril 26, 2012

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The Boston Celtics are not the popular pick this season. They’ve looked old and broken and as though their championship window had closed shut. And then, by staying the course, they managed to turn the tide and find their footing in the second half of the season. 

The Celtics have figured things out—and found another offensive weapon in Avery Bradley—at just the right time. They’ve survived their injuries, they’ve got a rejuvenated Kevin Garnett, a coach everyone wants to play for and something that most other locker rooms don’t have: They genuinely play for one another as much as they play for themselves.

We talk about chemistry so often when it comes to professional sports, and so often, it’s something that’s been exaggerated, hyperbole meant to make us believe. With the Celtics, it’s real. They are different. Step inside their locker room and you’ll see it. Attend a shootaround and you’ll feel it. Listen to how they speak to one another, how they listen to their coaching staff. 

The Celtics roster is a mix of disciplined players who know their roles and a fearless point guard who knows his role players. It works. It’s why I won’t be shocked to see them shock people this postseason.

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