Broncos: Offseason is Critical

Trevor BentleyCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2008

After finishing a second year in a row without making a trip to the playoffs, Mike Shanahan has to make a big bang in free agency.

Known for making stellar moves such as last year acquiring Travis Henry, Daniel Graham, and wide receiver Brandon Stokley, these moves haven't translated into a postseason berth.

Sadly, WR Javon walker and linebacker Ian Gold were cut from the team and the man who has scored the most points in Broncos history, Jason Elam, remains unsigned.

There are some big names in the list of free agents that the broncos should sign. WR Randy Moss, RB Marion Barber are just a few of the big names still on the market.

Also, John Lynch coming back was something the Broncos asked for and received.

Hopefully 2008 is the year of the Broncos.