Looking at the 2011-2012 EPL Top Goalscorers from Each Club

Michael KohCorrespondent IIIApril 27, 2012

Looking at the 2011-2012 EPL Top Goalscorers from Each Club

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    The season is wrapping up, there's three more games (or four, depending if you are one of these nine teams: Everton, Liverpool, Bolton, Stoke, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle, Fulham, or Arsenal) left, and two giants – Manchester City and Manchester United are locked in a race to the title, to be decided in a very pivotal match on Monday, April 30th at the Etihad Stadium.

    As of now, with 35 games gone for the majority of the clubs, the top goalscorers of each team have emerged. With Robin van Persie leading the goalscoring charts with 27 goals to his name, as well as winning the FWA, PFA, and the Golden Boot award this season, and his name in the headlights, one can only be curious as to who the top goalscorers are for each club.

    I've decided to look at the stats for each top goalscorer from all 20 clubs in the English Premier League and rank them – lowest to highest based on goals scored. Of course, there will be additional stats mentioned in the slide for your evaluation.

    We start with No. 20.

20. Franco Di Santo (ST), Wigan Athletic

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    Franco Di Santo makes the list at No. 20, as he is the top scoring player for his club with five goals. The Argentine has appeared in 29 games, making 21 starts for the Latics, playing 1,806 minutes.

    Di Santo has no assists to mention of yet, but has two game-winning goals to his name. He has taken no penalty kicks and has attempted 62 shots which have hit the target 22 times. He averages 35 percent on target. From the five goals he has scored, and hitting the target 22 times, Di Santo averages a paltry 0.23 goals per game.

    His five goals, compared to the 34 goals fielded by Wigan players, constitute just about 15 percent of the goals scored.

    Perhaps the lack of firepower at the DW Stadium is the reason why Wigan stands at 17th place in the EPL, with 35 games played. Their record is not very heartening either, with just eight wins from 35 games. They have drawn 10 and lost 17, leaving them with 34 points.

19. Nikica Jelavic (ST), Everton

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    It's not fair to judge Jelavic after having played only nine games (with six starts) in the English Premier League for Everton, but after having scored six times and scoring five successive away fixtures, it seems that he is just about the right striker for the job for the Toffees.

    Bought from the Scottish powerhouse Rangers during the 2012 January transfer window, the Croat has immediately become a fan favorite.

    Jelavic, as mentioned, has appeared nine times in blue, making six starts, and scored six times. He has played 603 minutes of football, but averages 0.67 goals per game.

    A fantastic purchase by David Moyes.

    He has no assists, but has scored a game-winning goal. He has taken no penalty kicks yet, and has attempted 24 shots, finding the target 11 times. Jelavic, then, averages 46 percent of his shots to be on target, and has converted 54 percent of his shots on target as goals.

    Everton currently are placed seventh in the league, two points clear of rivals Liverpool, who are placed eighth. They have played 34 games, winning 13, losing 12, and drawing nine, for a total of 48 points. They have fielded 42 goals, with Jelavic contributing 14 percent of them.

18. Nicklas Bendtner (ST), Sunderland

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    The man who claimed himself as one of the best footballers in the world comes in 18th with a fantastic seven goals to his name.

    The former Arsenal man, now finding himself on loan at Sunderland, has made 24 starts for the Black Cats, but has made 27 total appearances throughout the course of the season. The Dane has played a total of 2,125 minutes, scoring seven times, and making five assists.

    He has, so far, made one game-winning goal, finding the target 22 times from 53 shots attempted.

    Bendtner has been perfect on the penalty spot, making his lone penalty kick in against Newcastle United.

    He averages 0.26 goals per game, and finds the target 42 percent of the time. Bendtner converted about 32 percent of his shots on target as goals.

    Sunderland is placed 11th in the league with 42 points from 35 games, 11 of which were wins, 11 draws, and 13 losses. They have fielded 42 goals, which leaves Bendtner at about 17 percent of the goals fielded.

17. Luis Suarez (ST), Liverpool

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    Supposed to have been a prolific scorer, the Uruguayan has scored only eight goals for Liverpool this season.

    Suarez has appeared 28 times for the club, starting 26 games, playing in a total of 2,292 minutes. He has made eight goals and three assists, scoring two game-winning goals. Suarez missed a penalty from the spot and has made 39 shots on target from his 105 attempts.

    He averages 0.29 goals per game, with 37 percent accuracy rating. He has been able to convert just 21 percent of shots on target to goals.

    Compared to his season in Ajax, he seems nothing like the player he once was—statistically speaking, of course. His antics in Liverpool, mostly on the pitch, have been similar to his stint in Ajax, where he had disciplinary problems, much to Marco van Basten's dismay.

    Liverpool this season sits at eighth place, with 12 wins, 10 draws, and 12 losses from their 34 games played so far. They are two points below their rivals, Everton, with 46 games to their 48 points. The Reds have fielded only 40 goals this season, with Suarez contributing 20 percent of the goals.

    If only Suarez could find the net like he had done in the Eredivisie, Liverpool would be competing for a spot in the Champions League.

16. Heidar Helguson (ST)

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    The Icelandic international has scored eight times for Queens Park Rangers from his 16 appearances (13 starts). After spending two loan spells at Watford, the striker has settled into the starting XI for the Hoops.

    QPR's No. 22 has played for 1,156 minutes, scoring eight goals, and making two assists. He has two game-winning goals to his name and has converted two out of the three penalties from the spot.

    Helguson has found the target 14 times from 56 attempts, averaging 25 percent of his shots to be on target. He has been able to convert an astounding 57 percent of his shots on target as goals. He may not be accurate, but statistically speaking, he can finish—if he can find the goal.

    At 16th place, QPR has won just nine games from 35 played, drawing seven, and losing 19. They have 34 points from 35 games and have fielded just 39 goals, of which 21 percent are Helguson's contributions.

15. Ivan Klasnic (ST), Bolton

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    The Bolton Wanderers' forward comes in at 15th place having made 25 appearances for the club (15 starts) and eight goals to his name.

    Klasnic has played 1,354 minutes of football, making four assists in the process, and scoring a game-winning goal. The Croatian footballer has been able to convert his single penalty shot into a goal and has made 13 shots on target in 36 attempts.

    He averages 0.32 goals per game and his accuracy is 36 percent on target. Klasnic has been able to convert 62 percent of his shots on target as goals, which is why the 32 year old, 6'1" striker leads his club's goalscoring chart.

    Bolton lies in 18th place, threatened by relegation having won 10 games but losing 21 and drawing three in the process. The Wanderers have 33 points from 35 games and have fielded just 39 goals, of which 21 percent are Klasnic's goals.

14. Peter Crouch (ST), Stoke City

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    The 6'7" striker has been able to find the back of the net nine times this season with Stoke City. Peter Crouch, the former Liverpool, Portsmouth, and Tottenham player, has been a regular starter for Stoke, with 28 starts out of 29 appearances.

    The towering striker has made three assists while scoring three game-winning goals. He has made 21 shots on target from 53 attempted shots. Crouch averages 0.31 goals per game, but accuracy-wise, he is about 40 percent on target. He, however, has been able to convert 43 percent of his shots as goals, leaving him as the top goalscorer for the Potters.

    Stoke City are in 14th place, having won 11 games, lost 14, and drawn nine. They have 42 points and have fielded 32 goals, 28 percent of which have been scored by Crouch himself.

13. Darren Bent (ST), Aston Villa

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    Former Sunderland player Darren Bent, now playing for Aston Villa, has made 21 starts out of 22, scoring nine goals this season.

    The current Villans striker has been played for a total of 1,862 minutes with one assist. He has made one game-winning goal and has found the target 26 times from 44 attempted shots. He has been able to convert two penalty kicks from the spot, adding to his goal tally.

    The England international averages about 0.41 goals per game, making 59 percent of his shots on target. Bent has a 35 percent conversion rate regarding his shot on target to goals.

    Villa is No. 15 in the EPL, having just seven wins from 35 games. They have lost 13 and drawn an incredible 15 times. They have 36 points from a possible 105 and have fielded 36 goals—third lowest in the Premier League, bested by Stoke City with 32 goals scored this season.

    Darren Bent has contributed an astonishing 25 percent of Villa's goals this season so far.

12. Peter Odemwingie (ST), West Brom

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    The Russian-born Nigerian international is 12th on the list.

    Peter Odemwingie of West Bromwich Albion has scored 10 times this season from his 28 appearances for the club (24 starts), clocking up 2,182 minutes. He has made two assists, scored four game-winning goals, and missed a penalty kick.

    Odemwingie has been able to find the target 24 times out of 70 shots attempted, averaging a 34 percent accuracy rating. His finishing, however, fared better, averaging a 42 percent conversion rate per shot on target. He has made 0.36 goals per game.

    WBA is in 10th place, scoring 41 times, with 13 wins, six draws, and 16 losses. Odemwingie contributed 24 percent of WBA's goals this season, and may add more to his tally with three games left.

11. Danny Graham (ST), Swansea City

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    The 26-year-old striker for 12th placed Swansea City is 11th on the goalscorer's list with 10 goals from 33 appearances (29 starts). Graham has played a total of 2,583 minutes, making two game-winning goals, and two assists. He has been able to score from the spot once. He averages just 0.30 goals per game.

    The £3.5m striker purchased from Watford has been able get 68 shots off, of which 32 have found the target. Graham is accurate 47 percent of the time and is able to put the ball in the back of the net 31 percent, according to his goals per shots on target ratio.

    The Swans are in 12th place after 35 games played. They have won 11 games, drawn 10, and lost 14, giving them 43 points. The squad has been able to field 39 goals, of which about 26 percent are Graham's contributions.

10. Steven Fletcher (ST), Wolverhampton

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    Relegation-bound Wolverhampton Wolves striker Steven Fletcher has made 24 starts for the club, making 29 appearances in total this season. He has racked up 2,201 minutes of playing time, scoring 10 goals, and one assist. Fletcher scored one game-winning goal and has not stepped up to take a penalty kick yet.

    He has attempted 66 shots, of which only 29 found the target. He scores about 0.34 goals per game and averages an accuracy rate of 44 percent. Fletcher has been able to convert 34 percent of his shots on target into goals.

    Unfortunately for the Wolves, they will be relegated and sent to the Championship to battle for promotion to the Premier League once again. They have a fantastically lousy record, winning just five games from 35 games played. They have lost 22 games and have drawn eight, tallying up to 23 points out of a possible 105. The team have put up 34 goals, of which Fletcher has scored 29 percent of them.

9. Frank Lampard (MC), Chelsea

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    The English international has made 28 appearances for Chelsea, 25 of which were from the starting XI. Lampard has played a total of 2,148 in the EPL, scoring 11 times with five assists. He made five game-winning goals and has converted three out of the four penalty kicks rewarded.

    One of the two midfielders in this list, he has made 23 shots on target from 53 shots attempted. The Blues midfielder averages 0.39 goals per game. His accuracy on target is 43 percent and has been able to convert about 48 percent of that into goals.

    Chelsea is in sixth place, recording 16 wins, 10 draws, and eight losses. They have 58 points from 34 games. The squad has fielded 56 goals, of which 20 percent of the goals fielded are goals scored by Lampard.

8. Emmanuel Adebayor (ST), Tottenham

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    On loan from Manchester City, the towering striker has found the back of the net 13 times for Tottenham from 29 games, starting 28 of them, averaging 0.44 goals per game.

    Adebayor has played 2,480 minutes of football and has been exceptional with creating goals, with 11 assists. He has three game-winning goals to his name and has been able to convert two out-of-the three penalties he has taken.

    He has attempted 86 shots, 44 of which have been on target. Adebayor is accurate 51 percent of the time, converting about 30 percent of his shots on target into goals.

    Tottenham is placed fifth in the league with 17 wins, eight draws, and nine losses from 34 games played. They have 59 points and have fielded 57 goals. Adebayor has contributed 23 percent of the Spurs' goals this season.

7. Grant Holt (ST)

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    Captaining newly promoted Norwich City, Grant Holt has propelled himself and his club to 13th place. He has made 33 appearances, starting 22 of them, and scored 13 goals with two assists to his name. Holt has scored three game-winning goals from 2083 minutes of game time. He has also converted two penalties from two chances from the spot.

    Holt averages about 0.44 goals per game and has attempted 68 shots. He's been able to hit the target 33 times, coming to about a 49 percent accuracy rate. His conversion rate is lower, coming in at a 39 percent chance of scoring for every shot on target.

    Norwich City is in 13th place, with 11 wins, 10 draws, and 14 losses. They have 43 points from 35 games. Their squad has been able to field 47 goals, of which 28 percent have been Holt's contributions.

6. Demba Ba (ST), Newcastle

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    Newcastle's outstanding Demba Ba has played 30 games this season (making 28 starts), scoring 16 times and two assists. He has clocked 2,383 minutes on the pitch and averages about 0.53 goals per game. Ba has three match-winning goals to his name and has scored from the penalty spot two times, missing one.

    He has been successful in getting his shots off, as he has 38 shots on target from 89 attempted shots.

    Ba boasts a 43 percent accuracy rate, from which he has converted 42 percent of shots on target as goals.

    Newcastle United sits precariously in fourth place, closely followed by Tottenham, with 18 wins, eight draws, and eight losses. The Magpies have put up 62 points from 34 games and have scored a collective 53 goals. Ba has scored 30 percent of the goals for Newcastle.

5. Clint Dempsey (MC), Fulham

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    Fulham's Clint Dempsey has been a prolific scorer as well as ever present for his club this season.

    Although played as a midfielder, he has been able to score 16 goals for the club (10 more than his teammate Pavel Pogrebnyak who comes in as No. 2 for Fulham's leading goalscorer) from 34 games. Dempsey averages about 0.5 goals per game, which has helped Fulham stay afloat in the Premier League at ninth place, with 46 points from 34 games (starting all 34).

    He has made six assists and has hit the target an incredible 53 times out of 130 while playing 3,053 minutes of football. He's missed a penalty kick, but has scored five game-winning goals.

    Dempsey is on target about 41 percent of the time while his conversion rate is at an even 30 percent. Perhaps his high number of attempts on goal has contributed to his 16 goals in this competition.

    Fulham, as mentioned before, lie at ninth place in the Premier League with 46 points from 12 wins, 10 draws, and 12 losses. The Cottagers have fielded 45 goals, where Dempsey has contributed 36 percent of the goals.

4. Yakubu (ST), Blackburn Rovers

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    Yakubu, the powerful striker playing for Blackburn Rovers, has made 27 appearances (starting 26 games) for the club, clocking 2,212 minutes on the pitch. He's been able to score 16 times, averaging just about 0.6 goals per game. He has made one game-winning goal so far.

    Yakubu has two assists while hitting the target 30 times out of 62 attempts. He has been able to score from the penalty area four separate times while missing once.

    He averages about 48 percent of his shots on target and is able to score about 50 percent of the time every time he is on target.

    The Rovers have been able to win just eight matches this season so far, drawing seven times, and racking up 20 losses. They have been able to win 31 points from 35 games, placing them at No. 19 in the EPL. Blackburn, however, have been able to score 47 separate times, where Yakubu's contributions constitute about 34 percent of the goals scored.

3. Sergio Agüero (ST), Manchester City

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    The former Atletico Madrid player has been sensational this season.

    Wearing the blue shirt of Manchester City, Sergio Agüero has made 31 appearances (28 starts), scoring 22 times. He averages an incredible 0.71 goals per game. He has seven game-winning goals to his name, made three penalty goals and has not yet missed one from 2,331 minutes of game time.

    He has made eight assists and has been able to get 113 shots off, hitting the target 46 times. Agüero is accurate 41 percent of the time and his conversion rate is just under 50 percent, at 48 percent, which is great news for City.

    Manchester City is ranked second in the league with 25 wins, five draws, and five losses. They have 80 points from 35 games and the team has been able to score 87 goals (the most in the Premier League) from which 25 percent have been scored by Agüero himself.

2. Wayne Rooney (ST), Manchester United

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    Appearing in 31 games this season for Manchester United, Wayne Rooney has been in form for the Red Devils, scoring 26 times with five assists in 2,579 minutes on the pitch. He has started 29 games for United and scored eight game-winning goals.

    Rooney has attempted 142 shots, 69 of which have been on target. He averages an incredible 0.84 goals per game and his shots are on target about 49 percent of the time. He is able to convert his shots on target into goals 38 percent of the time, but has scored six times from the penalty spot, while missing twice.

    Manchester United lie in first place with 26 wins, five draws, and five losses. They have 65 points from 34 games and have fielded an incredible 86 goals (that's a little over two goals to every goal scored by Everton or Sunderland, and equal to Stoke City and Wigan Athletic's goals put together). Rooney's 26 goals comprise 30 percent of United's goals, leaving him to be their most prolific goalscorer this season.

1. Robin Van Persie (ST), Arsenal

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    Ever present for Arsenal, Robin van Persie has started 34 games for the Gunners (making 35 appearances) this season. He has played 3,064 minutes of football, scoring 27 times and 11 assists, and scoring 11 game-winning goals. He's been able to score from the spot twice from a possible three.

    He has 72 shots on target while attempting 152 shots. Van Persie averages about 0.79 goals per game and is accurate 47 percent of the time. He has been able to convert 38 percent of his shots on target into goals, but considering he has been able to his shots towards goal represents his prolificacy and his confidence in his ability to score.

    Van Persie's Arsenal is placed third in the EPL with 20 wins, five draws, and 10 losses from 34 games. The Gunners have 65 points and have fielded 67 goals. Van Persie has contributed 40 percent of Arsenal's goals this season, presenting his eye for goal, and the reason why he won PFA and FWA awards and the Golden Boot this season.



    Stay tuned for more complete stats after the season is wrapped up.


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