DEI: A Pathetic Ending to a Once Rising Racing Team

Logan Riley Contributor IJanuary 27, 2009

Anyone who says that Dale Jr's departure from DEI wasn't because of issues with his step-mother is full of it. I can tell you that deep down you can tell it eats at Dale that his step-mother not only controls the company his father built, but, I think, attempted to sabotage Dale Jr's racing career.

The stale engines that seemed to plague Jr. through his final season with DEI seemed all too coincidental to me, and I think every Jr. fan would agree with me that an Earnhardt not controlling the company (that is, a real biological Earnhardt) is blasphemy, and look what happens when Dale Jr. leaves. Teresa names Martin Truex Jr. the new face of DEI.

I find that laughable because Truex isn't really that good of a racer. He has one incredible performance at Dover and now somehow he's considered among the elite. Wrong. He had a chance to make noise in the chase, but was silenced after the fourth chase race.

Now the same company that once had the greatest team vs. team rivalry with Hendricks is now stuck merging with other fledgling teams just to stay alive. It's pathetic and if Dale Sr. was still here I guarantee that Teresa's lackluster performance as a owner would have Junior owning 50% of the company and still with DEI.