8 Fighters Who Need to Spend Some Time with Steven Seagal

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8 Fighters Who Need to Spend Some Time with Steven Seagal

Ever since Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida knocked their respective opponents out with Aikido's signature front kicks to the face, Sensei Seagal's phone must have been ringing off the hook.

The thing is, one man, even a great man like Steven Seagal, only has so much time to coach internationally renowned fighters. Amid a string of obligations including acting commitments in 46 straight-to-DVD movies and the policing of America's most dangerous streets, Seagal can squeeze in only those competitors who truly need his help.

Luckily for the master, we've narrowed down the candidates, selecting eight fighters desperately in need of some education.

The following slides showcase competitors in dire straights, highlighting those individuals who, without knowing a series of fairly impractical wrist-locks, may find themselves fighting irrelevancy in the MMA world.

What would we do without Steven? Let's hope we never have to find out.


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