2007-2008 Naismith Award Contenders

matt stevensContributor IMarch 2, 2008

Lets start off with a man over in the ACC that I personally don't like but respect enough to say that he is a great all around player. 

Tyler Hansbrough is a machine.  If his team needs him to he can score 40 points in a game and he can also come down with 20 rebounds.  There is no match for him in the paint, unless your name is Gerald Henderson.

Now I'm going to move out to the west coast and say that OJ Mayo is a scorer.  USC is a pretty good all around team and Mayo runs it as a freshman.   He can score from NBA range and he can also jump out of the gym down low.  Mayo is the real deal.

Another amazing player would be Eric Gordon out of Indiana.  Gordon is a shooter, from anywhere inside half court.  Whoever guards this guy is going to have a real tough time.  And by the way did i mention that he can probably dunk over a seven-footer!

Now for the guy that in my opinion is the winner without question. 

His name is Micheal Beastly, I mean Beasley. This guy is an animal!

He plays like he weighs about 400 pounds, and is as strong as an ox.  He has a sweet touch for a big guy and can also make some crazy moves down on the low post.  He leads his team by example and never loses his cool.  He is the reason that Kansas State will be a good seed in the tournament come March.  My vote is right here folks.