The Value of Returning Starters and Further Reason for Hope in '09

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJanuary 27, 2009

The reasons for pessimism regarding Nebraska's chances in 2009 seem to center around the following:

1) Nebraska returns the second fewest number of starters in the conference (11). Only Missouri (10) has fewer.
2) Chief among those non-returning starters is Joe Ganz, even after they're gone QBs get all the headlines, but don't forget his top two receiving threats, Swift and Peterson, or the massive right side of the line in Slauson and Murtha.

The reasons for optimism regarding Nebraska's chances in 2009 more or less boil down to momentum. Bo Pelini appears to be building something in Lincoln (cue Tom Waits' "What's He Building in There?"). Oh sure Helu and Castille look live and there's a whole bevy of redshirts waiting in the wings, hopeful hidden weapons if you will, but if you see someone who is bullish on Nebraska in 2009 it's likely based on belief because when it comes to experience, the Huskers have all the makings of a team about to take a step backward.

Or do they?

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