NFL Draft TV Coverage: How to Improve It with Matt Miller and Aaron Nagler

NFL Draft 365Official AccountApril 26, 2012

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The NFL Network and ESPN are scheduled to deliver more than 16 hours of live draft coverage, with countless hours of pre- and post-event analysis, if you have time this weekend.

While a small faction of fans will tune in for wall-to-wall coverage, the vast majority of folks simply can't afford that luxury. Some, because the draft is simply too long and others, because it can be tedious after the top 10 picks.

A remedy is needed to make the televised draft more enjoyable for fans, and Matt Miller is here to debate Aaron Nagler on the manner in which to make that happen.

Miller and Nagler discuss creating more surprise with each pick and better coverage of the later rounds, along with other adjustments that must be made for a more consumable fan experience.

Whether you're a hardcore NFL fan or just a casual one, you won't want to miss this discussion.

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