Mel Kiper Jr. 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Breaking Down the Good, Bad and Ugly

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2012

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 29: Wide receiver Michael Floyd #3 of the Notre Dame Fight Irish runs upfield against the Florida State Seminoles in the Champs Sports Bowl December 29, 2011 at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.  FSU won 18 - 14. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
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Mel Kiper Jr. is one name most people think of when they talk about the NFL draft, and while he can be a bit over the top at times, he does know his stuff. 

Of course, as with every year, though, the ESPN draft analyst makes some questionable calls in his mock drafts. 

The 2012 NFL draft kicks off tonight, and it's going to be as unpredictable as ever. Still, it'll be a fun and exciting event as we see which players will make up the future of the league. 

With that said, here's a breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly of Kiper's mock draft 5.0


The Good 

Kiper makes the smart and easy picks up front with the first five, but after that he's kind of all over the place. 

Still, he makes some solid picks, such as Michael Floyd to the Buffalo Bills at No. 10, David DeCastro to the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 11, Melvin Ingram to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 13 and Mark Barron to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 14. 

All of those teams have a need for those players, and if that's who they end up with, then each team should leave Round 1 feeling very happy. 

He may be ridiculous with some of his picks, but Kiper also hits the nail on the head in some parts of his mock. 


The Bad 

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 28:  Stephen Hill #5 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets against the Georgia Bulldogs at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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For starters, Kiper has the Philadelphia Eagles trading up into the top 10 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's not a horrible idea, but Kiper has them drafting DT Fletcher Cox, a guy the Eagles could easily still get if they stayed at No. 15. 

Even if Cox wasn't there, the Eagles will still have several great options (some better than Cox in my opinion) at No. 15 to help the depth on defense. 

In addition to that, Kiper has the Cincinnati Bengals drafting WR Stephen Hill. Don't get me wrong, Hill is a great prospect, but to choose him at No. 21 is too high, especially with Alshon Jeffery and Kendall Wright still on the board. 

In fact, Kiper doesn't even have Jeffery and Wright going in the first round at all, which is rather ludicrous.

Kiper's buying into Hill's speed too much, because Jeffery and Wright are both better all-around wideouts than Hill, and that type of player would benefit the Bengals offense much more. 


The Ugly 

Before looking at Kiper's recent mock, I assumed that his ugliest pick would be Ryan Tannehill to the Miami Dolphins at No. 8, but I was wrong. 

He does indeed have the Dolphins taking Tannehill, despite the fact he also calls him overhyped, but it's still not the worst.

Kiper's ugliest pick is QB Brandon Weeden to the Cleveland Browns at No. 22. Weeden is a project prospect, which is why it makes no sense for a team to select him in the first round. Early second would be more appropriate, but Kiper is really going out on a limb here. 

With their second first-round pick, the Browns should focus on getting Colt McCoy more playmakers. If they want another QB to challenge McCoy, waiting until their second-round draft choice to get a guy like Weeden or Brandon Cousins would be the best call. 

Another ugly pick Kiper makes is right after this one, where the draft "guru" has the Detroit Lions selecting RB Doug Martin of Boise State. 

Detroit's biggest need is not a running back and neither is the Lions' second biggest need. The Lions would be better off drafting an offensive lineman at No. 23 or even a cornerback. A running back can be selected in the second round, which is where Martin deserves to be drafted anyway. 


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