6 Active WWE Wrestlers Who Could Switch to Commentary

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6 Active WWE Wrestlers Who Could Switch to Commentary

Most, if not all, wrestling fans know that not just anyone can be a commentator. Those unaware may claim someone just needs the ability to talk on the mic — but that's not all.

A commentator needs to be able to talk in a more educational manner, instead of simply being able to cut a good promo.  In other words, the commentator needs to know what he's talking about and the best way to translate that knowledge into words the audience can understand.

While some commentators like Jim Ross or Josh Matthews do not have wrestling experience and are still  good on the mic, being a former wrestler has its perks in the commentators' booth.

For one, it brings a sense of legitimacy to the commentary.  When a past wrestler is able to draw upon his experience and insert it into the commentary, it makes the experience just a little bit more interesting and enjoyable.

For example, because Jerry Lawler has been wrestling for so long, he's been stuck in a lot of submission holds, but he has always claimed the Figure-4 Leglock to be the most painful.  Even if one is aware that the Figure-4 on TV doesn't do anything, Lawler's claims make the move seem even more devastating.

Another plus to having a wrestler-turned-commentator is that most wrestlers can draw on their past experiences as both face and heel and deliver a unique perspective on the match.

A great example was Booker T during Daniel Bryan's World Heavyweight reign.  While Booker did not outright praise Daniel Bryan's efforts, Booker did mention that a champion does whatever it takes to keep their title and that he himself used the same tactics.

Some wrestlers are just perfect for commentary.  They have the experience to draw on, the knowledge and ability to show that knowledge and the popularity to stay relevant without overshadowing their commentary.  The following list features six of the best candidates to be a wrestler-turned-commentator. 

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