Randy Orton-Shane McMahon: The Truth behind It All

Gagan SamraContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

I have been reading several reports about fan reaction to the incident last night at RAW. If anyone did not see it, Shane McMahon came out to a semi-pop and began to lay out Legacy, including "knocking out" Randy Orton on a couple of occasions.

This supposedly killed any momentum that may have been created from last week's RAW.

Some people wondered how Triple-H—a 13-time WWE Champion and future Hall of Famer—was unable to overcome the numbers game at the Royal Rumble, while Shane was able to pretty much dominate Legacy with very weak punches.

This made me wonder if this was simply a set-up for a heel-turn by Shane McMahon. WWE has done this kind of thing before.

Just recently, Ted DiBiase was punted in the head by Orton only to return to his side. In addition, Matt Hardy—after helping his brother Jeff get the title with matches against Koslov and Edge—turned on him to cost him the title.

If you looked closely at the actual punches, they were very weak. However, Orton and the fellow Legacy members sold these punches with ridiculous flops. Shane even missed a few punches, yet Orton actually appeared to have been hurt from them.

I truly think that this was all merely a way to deceive Stephanie, the WWE superstars, and all of the WWE fans to believe that Shane was actually trying to hurt Orton.

This would be a very shocking development, but something the WWE has to do.