Women's division vs Women as WWE Champs

Shak WilliamsContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

For one, I never looked at Chyna as a female. I always saw her as just a strong wrestler. But, I look at Beth as a female. Look at who Chyna has pushed over! She beat HHH and Taker in a triple threat match. Beth lost to Kelly Kelly.

Chyna never once said: "I'm a woman and I'm proud," during her run. She always said that she was a strong, fit wrestler. Look at Alundra Blayze. She was always working to pave the way for women, instead of just viewing herself as a hard-working wrestler. She was awesome by the way.

Beth is too girly, from what I can see on TV. She doesn't have that star power that Chyna had. Chyna was up there with Rock and Austin. She was one of the reasons why wrestling was so entertaining. I could see her coming back and being pushed into the mix with the men—maybe not like before. But, you can't go from pinning HHH three times to losing to Maria.

Trish was a great flag ship diva, but was promoted more as a bombshell-turned-wrestler. Plus, females are forced to undergo so much surgery that fighting a guy would prove very dangerous. What the WWE should do is worry about making an awesome women's division—complete with a women's championship title and tag title.

Women don't have to hold the WWE title to be taken serious. The women's title could be just as serious. Yet, WWE has always allowed bimbos to hold it.

Beth is strong, but it's no secret that Chyna would have squashed her. Beth is a bland character and is obviously there to erase Chyna's legacy.

However, those of us who are fans from the attitude era know that it's impossible to erase Chyna—a female wrestler who participated in two Royal Rumbles, KOTR tournaments, defeated some of the greatest names in wrestling (including HHH and Taker), and was a No. 1 contender for the WWF world title for two weeks.

Additionally, she did fairly well as the only female on the New Japan Professional Wrestling (NJPW) roster and she made female contenders, like Molly, Trish, and Lita, who whipped Beth, look like wimps.

Chyna is the prime candidate for a female world champ.

Beth shouldn't be placed over the other women in the division. Instead, she should help make her division second to the main event participants.

Today's divas won't be able to put on a great match with men. Even if they did, they would still seem unbelievable. Yeah, Maryse pinning Kane.

In addition to appearing unbelievable, many of the girls can't seem to get it together like they did in 2001-2004. They're like a bunch of Sables backstage. By the way, Sable is a prime example of a female who can effectively compete against women and get as much attention as the men in the process.

During her prime, she had the highest rating—second to Austin. Plus, she occasionally power-bombed men (Marc Mero).

So, in conclusion, a female world champion would be amazing, but today's society seems to be too simple-minded to handle the idea. Chyna was never really a female wrestler. She was a woman who happened to be a wrestler.

The women's division could be just as serious as the main event participants—if given the chance. However, with the lack of discipline and the egos of some of the current ladies in the locker room, that likely will not happen any time soon—sad, but true.