NFL Draft: Give the Enemy a Hand

Russell FikeCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

While there is a shortage of talent on the Oakland and Kansas City rosters, there is no shortage of bad blood between the two teams. However, should the two organizations be able to reconcile their differences for this year's draft, the two are in a position to greatly assist one another.  

The Chiefs hold the third overall pick in the draft. They also have a desire to accumulate picks in hopes of further bolstering a young team with an influx of even more young talent. 

The Raiders have a gaping hole at the wide receiver position. Should the two be able to put their loathing aside chemistry might explode in an inspirational moment of mutual benefit.

Absurd that hated enemies unite and not even to fight evil. Rather, this is a simple proposition for improving two franchises that need help.

With it likely that Texas Tech wide receiver and 2008 Heisman finalist Michael Crabtree will be available at pick No. 3, the Chiefs could trade down by swapping spots with the Raiders, pick up additional picks later in the draft, and give the Raiders a shot at spawning a three-headed monster in JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, and Michael Crabtree.  

The Chiefs can use extra picks as leverage for getting two first-round picks or simply collect an arsenal of talent in later rounds.

AFC West rivals looking to build strong teams might do well to start with some very painful teamwork.