Should AC Milan Keep David Beckham?

Carlos quinteroContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

Roma, Fiorentina, and Bologna were the first rivals of Beckham in Seria A. In the first game, he played good, nothing special; in the second he played, for my taste, bad, but in the third game against Bologna he played excellent.

What a game for David Beckham, he even scored. Playing next to probably the best midfield in the world, Andrea Pirlo, they form a magnificent duo. Later in the game he almost scored his second goal, but just by cms it went out.

I think Milan should and must keep him. Milan right-side now exists since his arrival and Zambrotta is playing more freely and much better.

Beckham should definitely stay in Milan, but just until June. In the next season Milan should look for a younger player.

Oh, and the rossoneris that are against it, it's like this: Beckham or anything, Milan is not going to buy anyone.